You don’t know the importance of something until it’s gone!

by | Mar 7, 2021 | Motivation

Last Friday I had minor surgery. It was touch and go but i battled through and survived…

Only joking folks. Yes, I did have a little op but it certainly wasn’t life threatening. I just wanted to open up this blog by exaggerating, just to see my dear wife roll her eyes when she reads it….she 100% will have. I have been playing on it all week after all 🛎🤕😁.


So to the purpose of this blog…

Since the start of January until last Fridays life threatening op I have been like clock work with my training. 

On training days I have been up at 5:45am to start my session at 6:30am. My sessions consist of either 30 mins on the bike followed by resistance training with split body parts each day. On top of this I do 2 live HIIT workouts for our online clients, 2 online gym classes and family walks. 

I have not missed a single workout and have really been enjoying my training and the progress I have been making working towards my physique goals for the year. My strength levels and fitness levels have both increased. 

As is always the case; because my training had been on point my nutrition has also been good. I have hit my macros and calories every day (including weekends) and my weekly check ins with my coach have also been a huge help. 

Not only this but because my training and nutrition are in a good place I am also in a great pace regarding work!…structured, organised, driven and focused on what we want to achieve together this year with KM Fitness. I say ‘we’ because I have to mention that Kelly has been like a women possessed herself this year with her training and nutrition 🙅🏻‍♀️


Can you relate to what I am talking about so far? 

Because of the little op I have been told I have to rest for up to 2 weeks! This may not seem a long time but for someone who places exercise as a high value in their life, but because of the above reasons talked about it feels a hell of a lot longer! 

I am currently on day 6 of no exercise and I can certainly feel the differences in how I feel mentally. I don’t feel as energised in the morning, I feel more lethargic throughout the day and that general feel good factor is less. 

My nutrition has still been good BUT it is more of a struggle not to reach for the kids sweet box! The crazy thing is, as the title of this post states, you don’t realise how important it is to you until you step away from it. 

I know so many of you will currently be able to relate to this with the gyms being closed! The gym to so many people plays an incredibly important role in their life, not just for the physical benefits but for their mental health also. It has been an incredibly challenging time in this regard for so many people. 

As I write this I can think of so many people I have trained over the years who came to me with no exercise background and zero knowledge of just how important exercise can be to them in their life. 

It is not until you make it a permanent fixture in your life that you will realise just how amazing it is and how much of a ‘slump’ you were in previously. 

I have said this many times but exercise is without doubt the BEST ‘anti depressant’ you can ever take and in my opinion GPs in the past have always been too quick to prescribe anti depressants to people before prescribing exercise. If I’m honest people are always happy to take the easier option of taking medication rather than exercise. 

It is also no coincidence that the most driven, positive and focused people I know all place exercise as a high value in their life. It is an essential ‘cog’ in their weekly routine. 

If you are currently in a position where you don’t feel great about yourself physically and mentally then you owe it to yourself to do something about it! 

And if you have previously been in a position where you had made exercise a regular part of your life then think back and remember just how good you felt for it at the time. 


I will finish with this…

Exercise comes in many forms and should be present in everyone’s life, regardless of personal circumstances……

In my opinion ITS THAT IMPORTANT!!