Why I do what I do

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Fitness, Motivation

As I write my latest blog I’m sitting on the sofa asking myself the same question. I’m 34 weeks into my programme, I’m hungry, sore, exhausted and two weeks out from my photoshoot.

For want of a better few words ‘I’m absolutely knackered’. So why do I do this? Why do I choose to put myself, my body and my mind through these challenges and these processes?

There are a few different reasons…

The main reason is to LEARN. By putting myself through a process and the amount of time required that it takes to achieve a better ‘physique’ I can actually learn first hand what I need to apply to my clients should they choose to take this path themselves.

I can also encounter the fat loss, to the building phase, back to the cutting phase, to the peak week, to the training, to the nutrition and to the highs and lows. I have a client currently around 11 weeks into the same process as myself and she will quite possibly be the BEST transformation I have ever coached someone to achieve…purely through learning first hand and applying the new knowledge I have.

I can’t wait to showcase her progress, she already looks amazing and we are no where near finished! I truly believe as a coach that if you are willing to practice what you preach and endure the process you will excel massively in these areas. There is ALWAYS room to learn and to grow.

The second reason is more personal. And it’s really very quite simple. I VALUE my health and fitness, I VALUE the way a process has a positive impact on my physique and most of all…I VALUE me.

I love to feel lean, I love to feel comfortable in my clothes, I love the way that cleaner food choices impact my body and my energy levels, I love the way that working out clears my mind and makes me feel happy and it’s a massive bonus that it has positive impacts on the way my body looks. I’m very passionate about exercise and nutrition full stop.

Now with all that being said, it doesn’t always come easy to me. As I write this blog I’m very tired, I’m hungry, I’m ratty and irritable because of the above, I’m probably not the nicest person to be around at the moment to be fair…and there have been points over this last week that I have been ready to say ‘I’m done now, I’ve had enough’…but I do only have two weeks left.

It hasn’t been this way all through though, I have actually really really enjoyed the process. I’ve lost body fat, gained muscle, increased strength, hit pbs and fixed my broken body along the way. I gained back a Kelly I once thought was lost and I’ve regained the confidence that had been knocked out of me.

Enjoying the journey makes the whole thing doable but now that I’m nearing the end it’s a lot lot tougher and my body by now has been under stress for a long period of time. It’s not a process for everyone (physique) but I’m pushing through no matter how hard it will be. When I stand in front of that camera once again to show what I have learnt and bought to the table this time around I will be so so proud that I stuck it out. And that in itself is an amazing achievement and what will keep me going.

When you decide that you want to change your body it requires a hell of a lot of change in your personal life and everyday routine. No matter what your journey may be…chasing fat loss, wanting to build muscle, have performance related goals or even just want to start your fitness journey. Ask yourself if you VALUE it and then do you have the patience to do it?

Since October (apart from a few days over Christmas) I have eaten four meals a day, the majority all the same, I’ve tracked my macros and increased/decreased calories, I’ve weight trained 4 times a week, I’ve had 3 cardio sessions of which have all increased in time duration over the weeks, I’ve had interval training on top and I’ve had to be mentally tough/prepared to sacrifice things to get it all done.

Mental toughness, sacrifice and patience are the things that most people find the hardest. It’s easy to make excuses or find the easy way out when something doesn’t fit your routine or you have to make a change to stay on track.

I’ve been up at the crack of dawn to prep my breakfast or food for days I’m not going to be home. Ive taken my own meals on family days out. I’ve (when I say me I mean mostly Kev because I’m a terrible cook 😂) cooked my own food when take aways have been ordered, I’ve stayed over after I’ve finished work to train or gotten up extra early before I’ve started to get my workouts done.

If I’ve wanted a meal out I’ve saved calories over during the week for it so that I’m within my allowance, I’ve gone for food with friends and taken my own, I had my sons birthday buffet and didn’t touch a thing, I ate my turkey mince instead. My eldest son had his first cooking lesson at school in which he made cookies…I made a half of one fit my calories so that I could enjoy his excitement with him! It’s my own birthday this week…I’ll do the same again and eat my regular food,

I’ll celebrate when I’m done. If I’ve been too tired to workout on certain days then it’s just been tough luck, I’ve got it done anyway. I can hand on heart say I’ve not missed one single workout and in 10months I’ve eaten two items not tracked or on plan. A croissant and about 6 chips off of Kevs takeaway! That’s confession for you!

I am absolutely not preaching to be an angel or a brown nosing little shit that never does anything wrong…but I will preach about how much something means to me and what I am willing to do to achieve it. And this is why I ask…do you VALUE yourself and your process or the patience to do it?

If something means so much to you then you won’t think twice about those things, you will make it all fit and it will become a top priority in your life. Nothing at all will stand in your way. Just like nothing has stood in mine…not even my birthday cake 😩🎉.

After the few years of ill health and not being able to exercise, this process has saved me and my body. And it is through no other reason than applying consistency, patience, sacrifice, dedication and hard work ethic to the cause.

It means so much to me and I place it that high up in my life that I am willing to do whatever it takes to get me to a physique I am happy and confident in. And that is why I do what I do.

This isn’t about balance, this is all in.

We all know the feeling of achievement, wether it be standing in your school assembly receiving a certificate, landing yourself a job you’ve applied for, opening a business, buying a house, running your first 5k, getting through the day with screaming kids and managing to keep them clean and fed or even just making it out of the bloody door. Achievement is a wonderful wonderful feeling.

Because to achieve means that it is all on you. It’s your own hard work, it’s your own effort and it’s your own self that gets you there. Value is the same, if you value something you will do whatever you can to achieve it. Like I said…because its worth it to you.

If you take anything away from my blog today then I hope it’s the realisation that if you want something you have to grab it with both hands, whatever it is, work hard and don’t give up until you get there.

There will always be hurdles, always be an an upset in routine and it will always get hard at some point. Excuses are the easy way out, don’t use them, you will only be lying to yourself and doing yourself a disservice.

Put a high value on YOURSELF. You are worth it. And then so will be all the effort you put into you. And that ultimately will be why you also…do what I do ❤️