Trust and patience…ALWAYS leads to progress

by | Mar 21, 2021 | Fitness, Motivation

Before getting into this weeks blog I want to ask you a question…

• How much do you value your health, fitness and physique in your life?

Now let me ask you…

• Do you have the PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY to work towards your goals?

• Are you willing to TRUST a process and actually see it through and beyond?

• Are you willing to LISTEN to your coach whole heartedly?

• Are you willing to APPLY absolutely every detail and everything asked of you?


• Have you continually failed to sustain your efforts for the length of time required to achieve your goals, and in the process continued to feed yourself and your coach excuses?

If you have related to what I have talked about so far then do yourself a favour and read on…

We always want what we want yesterday don’t we? As humans we want things straight away. This is purely down to human nature.

If I order a pair of leggings online, I want next day delivery…because I don’t want to wait. I want them as soon as possible. You can relate right?

A change in physique is absolutely no different. We want it as soon as possible.

However, there is no such thing as next day delivery when it comes to changing your physique….would you believe me if I told you IT ACTUALLY TAKES TIME.

And when I say ‘time’ I don’t just mean weeks, I mean months and sometimes even years.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again….trusting the process and applying patience to your journey is your number 1 when it comes to results.

How many times have you stood on the scales after 3/4 weeks and thought ‘Oh for god sake why aren’t they still moving, that’s it I’m giving up!’?

How many times have you stood in the mirror after 3/4 weeks and lifted up your top to expect miracles, got pissed off and rewarded your mood with a chocate bar?

How many times has your coach asked something of you during a process but you’ve had no intention or haven’t even made the effort required to apply it….then sat and wondered why your progress haults or plateaus?

You are still relating right?

Of course you are. You are human.

But…(and she is definitely no saint let me say first off…of which of course she will agree)..I am going to use my long standing client and friend Jemma to show you what can be achieved if you do consistently apply all of the above points in the questions I have asked you.

I started coaching Jemma a little over 3 years ago, she came to me initially to lose fat and drop weight.

We had one personal training session per week, I provided her with a structured exercise routine (a mixture of resistance training and cardio) and alongside we worked on cleaning up Jemma’s nutrition through a post workout carbohydrate portion control method.

8 months down the line….8 MONTHS…not weeks, Jemma had lost 17kg. Had Jemma lost 17kg in an extremely shorter amount of time (you know…next day delivery) then it would be highly likely that she wouldn’t have kept off that weight.

I never restricted Jemma of anything completely, she consistently ate clean whilst sitting in a calorie deficit, exercised regularly and LISTENED to the advice she was given as well as staying PATIENT whilst she applied the fundamentals.

Since that time Jemma has completed several bootcamps with us more so to keep her on track and maintain the fat loss over the years that she has achieved…she followed very similar fundamentals (if it’s not broken and it’s still working then you don’t need to fix it) and she has had one to one sessions every week since.

Having the accountability is something that keeps Jemma going. She values the advice and knowledge that we apply to her process and she in turn reaps the rewards of the effort that she puts in and that is asked of her.

Because of this she has been able to MAINTAIN her progress for a little over 3 years whilst relaxing her nutrition when required: holidays, nights out etc.

During our most recent bootcamp Jemma decided that she would like to further her fat loss progress and start to change up her physique. It was at this point where Jemma’s method was changed.

If we want to see change then something in your routine or process has to change alongside. Period. This time around I had Jemma tracking calories and monitoring macros to ensure we were fine tuning to get the best possible results for her.

Jemma was placed on a higher carbohydrate/low fat plan to start and given a protein target to hit each day. At first she worried that carbs would be her enemy as they were usually something she has been used to keeping relatively low.

I also took away some of her cardio sessions and she focused a lot more on resistance training. After reassurance and breaking down the reasons as to why we were asking what we are asking she again went away and faultlessly made the effort to do every little thing required.

This is called listening and TRUSTING THE PROCESS. She could have just done what she ‘thought’ she needed to do, but would she have the results she landed on?…No probably not. Jemma weighed out food, tracked everything she consumed, prepped food, got in workouts when she didn’t feel like it, worked out late even when she was tired and asked what she was unsure of.

Calories and macros were altered throughout, as well as training increased towards the end of the process and now just a little over 3 years down the line Jemma is 20kg DOWN and popping out two baby abs.

Did she order this via next day delivery….no she didn’t. Has she maintained and will she continue to maintain going forward….YES SHE WILL! Because she applied patience and consistency all whilst trusting the process. For 3 bloody years.

She has wobbles and meltdowns like every other human, she wants progress in the form of yesterday and she send me messages thinking her progress isn’t where it should be but she never dips from plan and never gives up.


Kelly ❤️