Transformation reality

by | Jul 19, 2020 | Motivation

Sometimes the truth isn’t what we always like to hear. But at the end of the day it is the truth. And for that, there’s no beating around the bush.

How many of you can say that you have started a programme and after the first week expected a miracle?

How many of you can say you have been halfway through a programme and haven’t noticed a huge change in your physical appearance…so have given up?

How many of you can say you have had or have the patience to continue progressing past your programme to keep reaching for the change in your physical appearance?

I bet I’m not wrong when I guess a few of you?

I can relate and answer yes to all three questions above. The first two; a million times over. The third, maybe only once or twice…it’s a lot tougher than the previous.

And that is purely because the reality of a transformation is that we must have patience.

You didn’t get to the point that you are at now overnight, so it would be unrealistic to assume that you can get into good physical shape over night too.

Everybody has a starting point, and everybody’s starting point is different. One person may start out with an already fairly lean physique, one person may be in decent shape but have low fitness levels with little exercise experience, another person may be overweight and have a lot more weight to lose.

It’s doesn’t matter where each of them starts, they will all have to endure the same process, have the same mindset and mentality, and apply the patience that is needed to see them through to get to where they want to be. Their end point will be completely different because their start line was was at a different level too.

I remember before I got married i put myself through two programmes, throughout both of those programmes I checked the mirror every single day for even the slightest change in my appearance. I would be disheartened that I didn’t look massively different after two weeks and I’d think to myself ‘whats the point, I’ve been so spot on and the scales have hardly budged!’. Note here that I said ‘hardly budged’. They had budged…so that was progress. Progress that I wasn’t taking notice of because I wasn’t being patient. I was jumping the gun.

Progress doesn’t always come in the form of looking differently either. Throughout a programme it’s not just the way that you look that changes, it can be an array of things. You might be able to lift more weight than you did last week, you might be getting stronger, your body might be less fatigued after working out that when you first started, for some people saying no to that pizza on a Saturday night that they alway have…might be progress. You might even be managing to just be more consistent with your nutrition and exercise. The reality here is that progress doesn’t just come in a physical form either, mental progress matters too.

Ultimately that is what you are going to need to see you through and beyond your journey.

The things that unfortunately aren’t advertised about transformations are the harsh truths.

  • You will mess up
  • You are going to get frustrated
  • It will take longer than you wish it to take
  • You will feel at some point like it’s not working

But you can’t give in. If you do then you can’t succeed.

Had I given up at that two week point where I thought I wasn’t getting anywhere I would never have achieved the amazing results that I achieved. Little by little, week by week, even month by month, my body changed. And so did my mentality. I could see as I stuck it out and worked really hard that my body was in fact changing. That the process was working. And that I just needed to continue to trust it.

If you achieved miracle results in a short space of time…that would be amazing. But it wouldn’t be realistic, and it wouldn’t be sustainable. You would be very motivated and have hella will power to do so….but to keep it off and keep progressing forward you would need to learn that habit and a lot of patience are a lot more powerful than just being motivated.

If I can give you one solid piece of advice that is the harsh transformation reality truth…and that really really works, it would be : Stop trying to jump the gun, work hard, go with the flow, be patient and watch yourself progress.

That way…it’s a sure fire win of 0-100 in however long it may take ☺️.

Happy Sunday guys ❤️