There are no weekends off when chasing your fat loss goal

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Fitness, Motivation

How many of you have been guilty of following that good old fashioned 5/2 weekly split when it comes to eating healthy? 

By this I mean eating healthy Monday-Friday and then Saturday comes and BOOM! Your mindset changes and you allow yourself to over indulge in the foods you have done so well to avoid during the week. 

Firstly before you read on I would like to make you aware that this post is aimed at the following category of people:

  • Strong desire to lose weight for the last 3 months or more. 
  • Feel self conscious and low in confidence because of their weight.
  • Frequently look in the mirror and ‘wish’ they could be leaner. 
  • ”Think” about losing weight frequently throughout the day, every day! 
  • Frequently “scroll” through Instagram and compare themselves to others and also “wish” they looked like the people they see. 

The reason I say this post is for this particular category of people is because they 100% have a strong desire to improve their physique BUT have been unable to apply themselves to achieve it. 

If you do fall into that category then why do you think you have constantly been unable to stick at your diet over the weekend? 

I can tell you from my experience of coaching hundreds of people over the years that it comes down to one simple factor…….


When the weekend arrives you have a choice to make, and if you VALUE your fat loss goal as a high priority in your life then you will stay focused over the weekend. 

And remember if you related to all of the bullet points above then you 100% do VALUE fat loss as a high priority in your life. 

Do these sound familiar…..

“It’s the weekend I’m allowed a treat”

“I’ll get back on it Monday so it’s ok” 

“We’re in a lockdown anyway so I may as well treat myself”

If I had £1 for every time a client told me they struggle to stay focused with their diet at the weekend then I would be a rich man. 

We of course give them advice and strategies to follow their plans, and being ACCOUNTABLE to us as coaches does of course play a big role, but ultimately it comes down to the individual to stay focused and remind themselves of how much they VALUE their fat loss goal. 

For FAT LOSS purposes it is essential an individual stays CONSISTENT with their nutrition over the weekend. 

By consistent I mean just that! I don’t say perfect because no one will be perfect every weekend or every weekday for that matter.

We all love a treat, cheat meal or weekend away (when the world is back to normal) and enjoying something different at the weekend as a treat is fine. You can ever do an extra workout to compensate for the extra calories consumed.

In fact if an individual has a considerable amount of weight to lose and are in the early stages of their fat loss journey then a general ‘clean up’ of their diet from very poor to better will initially see results quite easily. A few treats and ‘slip ups’ won’t make too much difference. 

As they get leaner and leaner the attention to details to the food consumed and exercise intensity does need to be better. 

If however your weekends consist of take aways, fast food, big sessions on the ale and a big bag of haribos on your gut whilst watching Netflix, then you ain’t going to lose weight in the long run. Regardless of weather your “back on it” on Monday. 

Before you start thinking this guys boring! Loosen up a bit then remember WHO this post is aimed at, because if you do fall into those categories above then you do have to stay CONSISTENT over the weekend otherwise you will constantly find yourself taking one step forward and 2 steps back which will constantly lead to frustration and zero results. 

Any goal you are working towards in any walk of life requires sacrifice and discipline to get their and achieving fat loss is no different. 

Here is something to be aware of…..

I recently did an Insta story in which I shared my “hidden” calories for the day. By hidden calories I mean a rice cake, tea spoons of peanut butter, couple blocks of dark chocolate, Brazil nuts etc. 

These added up to over 400 calories in a day and to be honest felt like nothing, but they do add up and if fat loss is your goal then it will effect your progress. Especially if you are tracking calories and you don’t record them. It will more than likely put you out of a calorie deficit. Be honest with yourself and your coach with this. 

In conclusion I will say that IF fat loss is a high VALUE to you then I would strongly consider the points I talk about in this post. Be consistent with your nutrition over the weekend but also don’t worry about a treat here and there provided you are honest with yourself and your coach, and you account for it (track it) 

Best of luck,

Kev 😊