Are you the reason you aren’t achieving your physique goal?

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people continue to “bury their head in the sand” when it comes to wondering why they aren’t seeing the progress they would like.
Over the years last 10 years I have helped endless amounts of people achieve life changing transformations, BUT during this time I have also coached people who for various reason DID NOT achieve their desired outcome.
I always explain to my clients that they will achieve their goals provided they give me their full trust, commitment and honesty for a period of time that’s is long enough and specific to them.
They receive everything they need from me, from programming, to support and mentoring. It’s there for them to go and achieve.
I also make it clear that it is a two way relationship that both sides need to commit to.
Common issues from this category of client include:
✔️Lack of patience
✔️Lack of discipline to nutrition and exercise
✔️Not being prepared to learn what’s being asked of them.
✔️”resistant” to change (thinking they know best instead of trusting the process for the long game)
✔️Too many social events and not valuing their goals enough to SAY NO to peer pressure.
Iv been doing this for a long time and I’m incredibly passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals.
From a coach’s perspective, when people don’t take advantage of the opportunity given to them to achieve their desired outcome it can feel frustrating knowing what the potential outcome could have been.
If you are successful in life then you know you wouldn’t have gotten there overnight. It will have taken years of hard work and sacrifice to learn new skills along the way.
You achieved that success because you valued it highly!
Apply the same principles to your health & fitness goals and stop blaming outside influences.
Ultimately it comes down to you and how much you want it.
Don’t make excuses for yourself over and over again, take ownership, accept it and make the change.
It’s really that simple.
Kev 🙂
You can view our inspiring client transformations below: