The gym is for life, not just for January

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Fitness, Motivation

When embarking on any kind of lifestyle transformations in January whether it be for weight/fat loss or muscle building you will find results or excuses‼

Accountability is one of my favourite words and one I stress to all clients and Bootcampers at the start of their time with me.

We are all capable of making lifestyle improvements. We just have to have an understanding of what it takes, stay patient, stay consistent and ultimately…want it enough!



“The unfortunate and all too often problem when it boils down to it is that people want the reward but are not prepared to go through the journey. They want results but don’t want the process that gets them there. They love the thought of victory but not the path of hard work they will have to go down.


If so… here is something else to consider about yourself…

How many of you are in exactly the same position at the start of this year as you were at the start of last year?

This is despite starting January with a goal to improve your health and physique as a New Years resolution. What did you do or not do that had resulted in you being in the same position?

Also ask yourself have you changed anything this time around compared to last January or are you just going at it like the majority of everybody else does in January?

Those that achieve the best results are those that prioritise exercise and nutrition in their life consistently throughout the year.

You have to make it a permanent lifestyle change and not a quick fix! Going at it with the mindset of trying to get from A to Z as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to exercise anymore won’t lead to anything other than failure.

I say consistent and not perfect, because you won’t be perfect all year around. You will have holidays, birthdays, weekends away etc which of course result in eating bad foods and a tipple or two.

If you regularly convince yourself that you are “too busy”, “too tired” or have “too much to do” etc etc then you have chosen excuses not results and will no doubt start January 2021 in exactly the same position you are in now.

How many of you have already started making excuses I wonder?

How many of you this year have taken your gym kit to work and at the end of the shift convinced yourself of some BS reason as to why you don’t need it today? Just remember you took that gym kit to work with your for a reason!!

If you are tired or stressed from work then guess what… you will still feel that way in an hours time, so before you take the easy option of going home you may as well have a workout and then go home feeling revitalised, refreshed and 100% thankful you had your workout.

Ultimately it comes down to you having the commitment. You really are capable of getting in the best shape you are capable of and will feel amazing for it. You simply have to apply yourself throughout the year…just imagine where you can be in 6 months if you do!

Some of our most successful transformations (click to take you to the transformation section) have come from people who work crazy hours, have young families and run their own businesses.

If you want to improve your health, fitness and physique then you do need to factor exercise and healthy eating into your life. Treat it as a priority! It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t even have to be at a gym. Exercise can come in many formats.

You may well make some big improvements over an 8/10/12 week period BUT it is also completely pointless if you fall back into old habits once it is finished.

Ultimately it comes down to you! Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

As I mentioned earlier consistency to your exercise and nutrition over a sustained period of time throughout the year is the key 🔑.

Don’t let excuses stand in your way to helping to feel amazing about yourself!

Kev 😊