The gym is for life, not just for January

by | Jan 28, 2023 | Fitness, Motivation

January is a month that will have seen so many people set out on a journey, that they hope will lead them to achieving their health & fitness goals.

Although many people will be making fantastic progress, there will also be a large percentage of people who will unfortunately quit before giving themselves the opportunity to reach their destination.

Although there are a whole host of reasons that result in people quitting (many of which you will regularly see us talking about on social media) I have got straight to the point as to what all those excuses boil down to…

“People want the reward but are not prepared to go through the journey. They want results but don’t want the process that gets them there. They love the thought of getting in shape but not the hard work required to get there”

Those that achieve the best results are those that prioritise exercise and nutrition in their life consistently throughout the year.

You must make it a permanent lifestyle change and not a quick fix! Going at it with the mindset of trying to get from A to Z as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to exercise anymore won’t lead to anything other than failure.

Ask yourself you have already started making excuses?

If you regularly convince yourself that you are “too busy”, “too tired” or have “too much to do” then you have chosen to stay in your comfort zone simply because you’re not prepared to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your life.

You may have told yourself “It’s not that important to me” or I will start again in a few months when I’m less busy” whilst still looking in the mirror every day jiggling your fat rolls and continuing to dislike what you see in the mirror, telling yourself “I’ll start next month”

Let me tell you! Their will never be an ideal time to get started! As adults we are all busy managing work, family, kids etc. Incorporating exercise and healthy eating will require you to be stretched more, but this is like anything great in life you are trying to achieve.

Some of our best best Testimonials have been by people who run incredibly busy lives. The difference with these people and those that make excuses are they had me to firstly set them a realistic schedule to fit around their lifestyle, secondly they trusted the process, thirdly they allowed themselves the required time frame to achieve their goals, and finally they VALUED it!

This includes Tony Grace (pictured) who’s testimonial you can read over on our testimonials page.

Ultimately it comes down to you having the commitment. You really can get in the best shape of your life. You just must apply yourself throughout the year…just imagine where you can be in 6 months if you do!

Don’t let excuses stand in your way to helping to feel amazing about yourself!

Kev 😊