That first week back

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Fitness, Motivation

It’s always the toughest… at least I always find it’s the toughest 😩.

Because that first week consists of a lot of change.

But as cliche as it sounds, ‘if you aren’t willing to change your ways, you won’t change the way your body looks’. Fact.

So, day 1.

The first day of weighing out your foods, the first day of tracking your macros, the first day of new exercise, the first day of eating some foods you may not be used to consuming. The first day of change.

That first day is usually the easiest compared to the rest of the week. You are feeling motivated, you are raring to go, you have a goal in sight. All is good 😃👌🏼.

Day 2.

The change starts to kick in. Your body is starting to adjust. Whether that be withdrawal of caffeine…and a headache to go with it. Feeling bloated from carbs that you aren’t used to eating. Feeling hungry from being in a caloric deficit or just feeling hammered from your workout the day before. But your head is down and you get on with it.

Day 3.

For me the sugar cravings usually kick in and all I can think about is chocolate. I’m not usually a chocolate eater, I’d rather eat crisps. But my body just wants sugar that I’m not consuming anymore. You may be the same. Everything you look at might look like a bloody KitKat. You might start to envy other people’s meals. You might want a ‘fix’ after one of your healthier meals. It basically the make or break point.

Days 4 and 5.

Half way point of the week, and by now, if you have stuck to everything on plan you will be feeling a few of the benefits. Little bit more energy, might notice you are sleeping better, your tummy may be a little flatter, you are getting used to and getting the hang of tracking your foods and you are generally feeling better about yourself and the start of the process 😃.

Then…..Satan steps in…with days 6 and 7.

The weekend 😢

The weekend is where we all usually enjoy ourselves, oatcakes or a bacon sarnie in the morning, a lunch out somewhere nice, a meal or a date night with a dessert treat in the evening. A night on the tiles with alcohol as your best friend. Popcorn and sweets in the cinema. Cake baking with your kids.

You get the picture. The weekend can be full of temptation 🍿🍫🍭🍷🍸.  

The burning question…do I just have that one little treat? It won’t hurt just once will it? I can get back on track Monday!

Listen…(and I don’t mince my words).

No!!! Of course you f***ing don’t!!

That one week will pop you right back at the starting point and you will end up repeating the whole cycle all over again. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Well at least I know i haven’t. I don’t want sugar cravings all over again 😰. I don’t want to look at every food again through the week wishing it was chocolate and cursing my kids for eating pizza in front of me.

I bang on all the time to my clients about food prep and pre planning what you are eating.

If you have food prepped in your fridge/cupboards then you won’t be tempted to reach for the KitKats, you won’t grab a ‘fix’ after your meal because your healthier fix is already prepped. You can pop your food in the microwave or cook what is already pre laid out to cook, it’s convenient. And convenience is what helps you stay focused.

And that is totally and simply the biggest trick in the book to staying on track 1⃣.

You won’t cheat if you don’t cheat yourself into thinking you can ‘have a day off and get back on track’ next week. You can’t.

You have to beat that first tough week of adaption and change, and then you are well on your way 👌🏼. That will become your motivation to keep you going past the toughest week in any process 💪🏼.

If you’ve got week 1 in the bag, then you’ve got the rest of the process down too 😊.

Keep that mind strong, find your willpower, find your tupperware and head straight into week 2 with the same mindset”

You got this!