We’re extremely proud of the results we achieve for our clients and take immense satisfaction from being able to help so many people improve their health, fitness and physiques. Each one of these people come to us with various exercise and nutrition backgrounds and achieved their results over various time frames…

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Jemma Ray (Kelly)

Jemma RayIn May 2017, I reached a point in my life where I felt so miserable with the way I felt and come to realise that the only person that could change how I felt was myself.

I saw a promotional offer on social media that was advertising PT sessions with two other friends at True Grit Training (TGT). I then messaged my friend who I knew worked at TGT (this now being Kelly’s husband) who then sign-posted me to Kelly.

I was pretty nervous about exercising in a mixed gym as previous gyms I’d attended were ‘women only’. But Kelly soon put me at ease; she was very reassuring, realistic in terms of my goals and pretty much told me straight that I wasn’t gonna get a body like Sandra Bullock after 12 weeks!

Throughout the course of the 12 week Programme Kelly taught us techniques in how to target our main muscle groups to enable us to achieve our goals, she provided us with her impressive knowledge on different food groups and how our body’s react to certain foods both pre/post workout (something in which i’ve found to be key in sustaining changes), and most importantly she is most supportive (and patient) and always answers any questions I have (…and i have lots!)

Since meeting with Kelly, I have dropped two dress sizes, gained confidence and knowledge, successfully sustained changes and found a new love for exercise, I have also continued to achieve goals that I never thought possible 18 months ago… I have never been happier and never looked back since.

In addition, I have also gained and developed a lovely friendship with Kelly and would totally recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve and reach realistic goals… because she’s the totally the girl to help to do just that…

Amy Howell (Kev)

Amy HowellI first joined KM Fitness in July 2018 with my friend. Initially i just wanted keep off the stone i had already managed to loose prior to joining kev and wanted to maintain this rather than gaining it back as i’d done previously.

At this point my mental health was really quite low and i was stuck in a vicious circle, suffering with anxiety which was made worse by my weight. I had seen the KM Fitness reviews from other people who had done their bootcamps and thought if they can do it, why cant I.

I can tell you now, it was the best decision i ever made!

When I first met Kev & Kelly they were both so approachable and took the time to understand me and my lifestyle and what i was wanting to acheive.

During my time with kev & kelly they have been really supportive of me. The times when I’ve felt like giving up because the scales weren’t moving they’ve been there to reminding me to be patient and stay consistent, it doesn’t happen overnight. (I wish it did!)

I have done several of the KM Fitness Bootcamps now and have always achieved brilliant results. I was so nervous when i first went to the gym as i didn’t know what I was doing and I wasn’t the fastest but it didn’t matter.

Kev & Kelly reminded me to work to my own fitness level an made me feel at ease. I feel so much fitter and heathier now and loosing weight has helped build my confidence, as my self esteem was very low when i first joined.

I only ever dreamed of being where i am today and being able to enjoy clothes shopping.

The excerise and nutrition plans have always found easy and straight forward to follow. I have so much variety in my diet and have never felt restricted (Luckily they dont make you eat just broccoli).

The exercise plans have been tailored to me, meaning I can work to my fitness level.

The online fat loss programme was perfect for giving me the accountability to my mentor Kev.

This was the most important thing for me and helped me to stay on track. Kev and Kelly have been at the end of the phone throughout.

I would recommend KM fitness to everyone. If you want to improve your health and fitness and see real results which are sustainable long term then they are definitely the people to go to! You wont regret it


Gaz Goodwin (Kev)

GazGoodwinI Booked to do the Physique course as even though I was exercising I was not seeing any results. With an existing knee injury I felt like I was making excuses for myself.

Having spoken to Kev and seen his work on his clients and himself I felt that it would give me accountability and that he could guide me to the results I wanted where I could be happy with my body. And boy I was right!

Kev has been brilliant. When first speaking to him I explained my situation, goals and concerns. Kev is calm and explains things so well so you know what you are doing.

He takes time to ease your concerns and how to overcome them. During the programme when things were difficult for me Kev took the time to speak with me and gave me focus.

On top of that his check ins aren’t just about your physical wellbeing but how you are doing in yourself, you can’t put a price on that. The personal touch he shows is so important and really helped to keep me on track and focus on the end goal.

It has been such a great experience. My goal at the start was to be in the best shape and being happy with myself. Throughout the programme Kev has shown that everyone is different and that the best shape for everyone is different.

I had an ongoing knee injury which I thought might hamper me, but Kev made sure that I wasn’t putting myself at risk.

During the programme I had issues outside of the programme which threatened to derail my progress and I just felt like I wasn’t good enough.

Kev was on hand to help focus my mind on what my goals were at the start and why I was doing this programme. Kev helped me to focus on the little things and helped me to be happy with my progress.

I am now a lot happier with myself and feel a lot more confident in myself and how I am. The difference in my mindset is night and day

I thought I was eating fairly well but I struggled with the Macros counting. Kev helped me to realise that I could eat more without putting weight on. After a week or so I felt like I was eating more than ever before. The prep has been good and I can’t believe how much I can eat and stay within the calories and Macros.

Thanks to knowing I can eat more and with the prepping, I no longer snack on crap because of hunger. My relationship with food has improved dramatically from the programme. I am no longer scared of carbs and realise that I can still eat lots of food and be happy.

The exercises have been great fun. I used to do lots of classes, Kev has helped me to focus more on the weights side in the gym and what’s best for the muscle development.

Kev really helps you to go a little further than you think you can. The faith Kev has in you helps to drive you on. I now can’t wait to get in the gym and do my weight sessions.

I would recommend Kev and KM Fitness to everyone no matter what your goal. Kev is so knowledgeable and talks through things with you to understand what you want and how to get there.

The one thing I will say is “Trust Kev and Trust The Process”. If you give your all to Kev and are honest with him, he will get you to where you want to be. He has been brilliant as a coach and a person.

That personal touch puts him on a different level and I can not thank him enough!! Get in touch with him guys, you will not be sorry

Steve Mills (Kev)

Steve MillsIn early January 2017 , I decided it was time to get fit , get healthy and back into some kind of fitness regime and join the gym .
Soon after joining True Grit I met Kev in his Hiit class and after hearing about his boot camp , seeing numerous transformation photos and a friend recommendation I took the step to join the next available KM bootcamp in April 2017. Kev delivered the bootcamp information to me clearly and precise. Even at this early stage I found Kev approachable,motivated and with a real love for his job.

After spending the previous 18 months out of the gym environment I saw the bootcamp has a perfect way for me to regain confidence . Throughout the 8 week programme , Kev set his sights on our goals and gave us 100% commitment. His conduct was professional, he had an eye for detail and his team motivating kept everyone going .

Kev’s knowledge on physical exercise and nutrition is outstanding and by the end of the bootcamp I had exceeded my goals which made me hungry for more . So I asked to sign up for his hypotrophy programme.

A few weeks later the 10 week hypotrophy had begun . Exceptional 1-1 pt sessions with a thorough and structured training and food plan .
Kev tailored the programme to suit my goals . Exercise plans were of a high standard and he knew exactly when to change it in order to sculpt and build the body I had wished for . Kev never stopped communicating with me and supported me fully throughout the ten weeks, even when I was working away he was in touch making sure I was coping and eating right .

After the 10 weeks I found myself face to face with the photos, and to say I was shocked, overwhelmed and emotional at what Kev and myself had achieved. I’m so grateful for Kev’s time , preparation and determination that he put into my transformation I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kev to anyone wanting to change their lives for the better.

Kev is a fantastic personal trainer and a great person to know . I’ve learned do much over the past ten months from him , Kev has encouraged me throughout my training, delivering well informed nutrition advice, blown my confidence sky high not only in the gym but in daily life .
I take with me confidence, strength and knowledge as I continue in my fitness goals and thanks Kev for the abs and I will be back next year for another hypotrophy to try and go one better with the results.
Cheers Kev

Jo Johson (Kev)

Jo JohnsonI have already done one programme with Kev this year to get myself back on track and I was so pleased with my results I wanted to carry on and see where we could take my results to the next level.

I love having something to work towards and never feel restricted or starving. It’s great to have Kev there for support whenever I need him whether it be in the gym or on the end of the phone

Kev’s mentoring is second to none his commitment to his clients is 💯 all throughout the programme and beyond:

The whole experience has been great. Workouts to focus on and I love the nutrition because it doesn’t feel restrictive at all. If I have any doubts or worries they are quickly gone when I talk them through with Kev, on this time around I completely trusted the process and didn’t doubt Kev once!

I love training anyway but having a programme to work to that also fits around a busy family life and work is paramount and the nutrition is very easy to follow.

I would undoubtedly recommend KM fitness to anyone regardless of what stage they’re at. They are so knowledgeable and cater programmes to help different levels of people

Melissa Chetwyn (Kev)

Melissa ChetwynI Decided to sign up to KM Fitness with my friend to try and lose the rest of my baby weight. I have always been very slim and toned because I love training so post pregnancy was a bit of a shock for me.

I’ve found Kev really helpful, he’s helped me over come my fear of carbs and I’ve realised my body needs more to fuel it and to help it loose weight. Kev really knows his stuff and goes out of his way to ensure you achieve your goals.

From doing the 8 week fat loss programme it has taught me that your body is capable of anything with the right support & coach behind you. I’m now 4.5 months post pregnancy and back to pre baby weight which I didn’t think would be possible at the start of it.

I’ve overcome my Carb fear which I’m sure Kev is pleased about as I did have a wobble at the beginning thinking the carbs were too much and Kev re assured me it was all part of the process.

I’ve loved the training side of it, the work outs set have been great and are targeted to you and your goals. The Live classes have also been fab I’ve really enjoyed doing the body weight circuits which I’ll keep up.

I would definitely recommend KM Fitness snd have been throughout, I can’t thank Kev and Kelly enough

Nadia Jones (Kelly)

Nadia JonesKelly has been my PT for 2 years now. The first year was the run up to my wedding and the second year was the run up to her wedding. I did my first ever physique transformation at the beginning of the year which was the best most rewarding experience I have had and the support kelly gave me throughout was undeniably the best. In fact, I am starting another physique programme this coming January because I enjoyed it that much and I trust kelly to help me get the exact results I want every time! She knows exactly what each client needs and tailors every aspect of the job to that individual.

I then enjoyed my anniversary and felt I had lost my good habits so it was time to get back on track with kelly’s booty camp.

It has been such a fun 6 weeks with a wonderful group of girls all supporting each other from tips with food, training in the gym and motivation. Kelly’s PTs have been fun, always different yet tough leaving my legs like jelly every time! Her workout and booty bible has been open on my phone the entire 6 weeks and it’s been so easy to follow with kelly’s support. The 6 weeks flew by and I’m so happy with my results. I would recommend this to anyone at any level you can all get involved and help each other.

Thank you so much as always Kell. Couldn’t do it without you!

Skye Walker (Kev and Kelly)

Skye Walker“I joined km fitness bootcamp through a friend and she told me about them and I was knew I needed do something about my weight.

I was feeling unhappy, no self confidence and very uncomfortable. I knew this was my time to do something about how I felt and how I looked.

When I first met Kev and Kelly I was extremely nervous as I’ve never stepped foot in a gym/ gym environment. From the get go they have been nothing but helpful, friendly, supportive and they both are a laugh. Which definitely puts you at ease.

These 2 are great and deserve a lot of praise for their bootcamps. I can’t thank them enough, I really can’t. You 2 are ace!!!!

When I first started bootcamp I was extremely nervous, I was worried what people would think of me with being a large girl….. but them worries were for nothing….. everyone on each bootcamp has been soo friendly. Always a good bunch on the bootcamps Ive done.

I will be going onto my 4th bootcamp in January. My goal was to lose weight and it didn’t matter to me how much and how long because it was better than putting the weight on.

I have achieved a massive 9st 6lb loss in weight and to think of what I’ve achieved does make me emotional. I feel more confident, fitter, and I actually loving how I look. I’m soo proud of myself.

I have found the exercise fun and that’s the truth it’s not a chore it’s something I really enjoy. My nutrition is soo much better than before a lot better. Yes I do miss certain foods but I know this is a life long journey for me and I’m really enjoying it.
I would 1000% recommend KM fitness….. I can’t thank kelly and Kev enough. Their bootcamps have changed my life and I’m soo greatful.

Just some advice to anyone wanting to join and have fears please don’t….. nothing to be scared of and they really are life changing….. if I can walk into the bootcamps anyone can……

Thankyou to two amazing trainers and a good bunch of bootcampers”


Cassie Twemlow (Kev)

Cassie TwemlowI decided to approach KM Fitness because I was unhappy with the way I looked, I had tried different diets and was going to the gym however I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I had seen the amazing transformations that had been achieved by Kev’s previous clients and this gave me the push to sign up to one of his boot camps.

Kev is professional, knowledgable and friendly. During my bootcamp experience he was there to help when I needed, he answered my many questions on nutrition and put a fitness plan together post bootcamp to ensure I had a focus to keep me on track.

When I started my first bootcamp I lacked confidence and the thought of stepping into a gym was daunting. Kev put me at ease from the beginning, he was positive and motivating which helped me to believe in myself. My goals were to feel fitter, healthier and more confident. I was getting married the year after my first bootcamp so I wanted to look and feel at my absolute best. With Kev’s help my fears of the gym and exercising were soon banished and my confidence slowly started coming back as I was seeing results, feeling stronger and all round healthier. Exercising and eating healthy has become my way of life now, rather than a quick fix to lose a bit of weight.

At first I was nervous about the bootcamp and exercising. I wasn’t used to doing this type of exercise. Previously my gym sessions would consist of 20 minutes on a treadmill so hiit training and weights were all new to me. I was frustrated at first because I struggled to lift most of the weights but I soon built up my strength. The nutritional side of things was the hardest thing for me at first until it became a lifestyle. Being organised and preparing meals helped me a lot. I found I was eating more food and felt more satisfied than when I have been on fad diets. I was eating more but losing weight, toning up and feeling stronger so it was a win win situation!

I can’t thank Kev enough and would highly recommend KM Fitness to my friends and family.

Gemma Doorbar (Kev and Kelly)

Gemma Doorbar

“I was a member of True Grit and had heard of KM Fitness and had seen a lot of success stories. One of my friends had been on there transformation programme before and lost a lot of weight. But more importantly kept it off. This is what i wanted more than the weight loss. It was a change in habits/lifestyle so contacted KM Fitness to start my journey
Throughout the program Kev and Kelly were both so down to earth and a great motivation. Using their own experience and sharing it is a true inspiration. No questions or too big or silly. They provide nothing but 110% to helping you achieve your goal.
The bootcamps were hard, but worth it. When ever you felt like giving in kev and kelly were there to push you through it. I have a few medical conditions causing me limitations in movement but this was never an issue as they would advise me of an alternative to enable me to still take part. If I ever felt like I could not do it they were there to say your can.
The exercise was hard but it made you feel great, strong and full of energy. The nutrition was fantastic. It was tasty didn’t break the bank and was quick and easy. My skin, medical issues and energy levels have all improved since the transformation. Anything worth doing in this world is hard. But stick at it and you reap the benefits and this is exactly what this transformation program proves.
I would 110% recommend KM Bootcamps and I have done already. If you are looking for results these are your guys”
Ben Jackson (Kev and Kell)

Ben JacksonI first started with KM fitness last January on their fat loss Bootcamp. My original goal was to lose weight and generally feel better about myself.

I’ve known Kev for a long time so for me he is easy to approach with any question I may have, but also Kelly is just as approachable.

Kev and Kell have always been easy to approach and have been contactable at any time for all of many questions and queries.

How I feel now compared to when I first started with them is unreal! I now feel more confident, fitter and stronger.

My initial goal was to lose weight without losing too much muscle mass and I am thrilled with the results I have achieved so far.

Since losing weight last January on KM Bootcamp, this time around on the online fat loss programme I wanted to see how far I could push myself, and learn more about the nutrition side of things by tracking macros and calories.

I have found a balanced routine with my nutrition, exercise, work and home life and the support from kev and Kelly has been a high help throughout.

I would 1000% recommend KM fitness to anyone as the results speak for themselves

Ian Gray (Kev)

Ian GrayI had put on loads of weight during the lockdowns and I was really unhappy with how I looked. At 53 years of age and struggling with osteoarthritis in my hips, exercise was the last thing on my mind.

However a friend of ours did KM Bootcamps in January and got amazing results, so after my wife suggested we sign up I didn’t really have a choice, I can honestly say It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.

Kev was assigned as our mentor but both him and Kelly were brilliant and always available to answer any concerns or questions. The motivational videos and pep talks from them both continued throughout the boot camp and in those days when I had moments of self doubt they were both there to remind me why I had wanted to make the change.

My initial goal was to lose a few pounds and use this as a kick start to a healthier lifestyle. I was hoping to make an positive change on my diagnosis of osteoarthritis in both hips by weight loss and joint mobility.

In the end my weight loss and body transformation has been amazing, far better than I could ever imagine. My fitness level has increased and my lifestyle changed beyond recognition and we have both joined True Grit Training

Initially I found the Nutrition tough through lack of fitness and incorrect portion control but using the manual this was all explained and once the first 2 weeks were done the rest all came together.

I can highly recommend Nutribox which apart from being delicious has given us ideas about different foods, combinations of foods and a correct portion size.

I would recommend KM Fitness until the cows come home!They both offer complete commitment and time to each and every client, they are approachable, genuine and Dedicated to achieving the best results for all.

Matt Dennis (Kev)

Matt DennisLast year was definitely hard mentally and physically lost my way with fitness and forgot the main reason for starting my journey , wasn’t happy with the way I looked or trained or anything so me and jo wanted something to stick our teeth into and noticed KM Fitness was very passionate at what they do , plus with you both been a couple you totally understand how it works together

Kev’s support has been outstanding it’s been nice to have put my complete trust in him and the process, and even after finishing plan where it can normally always go wrong he’s seen everything through.

My biggest fear was losing my muscle mass , I’ve done plans before where I’ve been on that low of a deficit that I’ve falling off the wagon and ended up losing muscle mass too ,this is the first time I’ve done a plan and not ended up just skinny , With out going Hungry or even falling off the wagon , I feel great and really happy with how my physique looks and now want to build on that.

I was little nervous about strength and physique training but when I finally got started I didn’t realise how hard and how much it takes it out off you.

With the nutrition I really never felt week or even hungry. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to work hard but hard work pays off and with the nutrition advise and training plan it’s possible.

I would 100% recommend KM Fitness over and over again! I’m looking forward to working with them for the rest of the year.

Anyone who has done a plan before knows that it’s always best to have good support not just on plan for 8 week but the whole year through. It’s worth investing you’re time and money in someone that will invest there time in you

Rosie Davies (Kev)
Rosie DaviesI chose KM fitness as I had been following them for a while and had seen the transformations their clients have had. They always had great advice and brilliant feedback. So I finally decided to take the plunge and do it for myself.
Kev & Kelly are so accommodating, they are sound, down to earth people who help people reach their goals! They are also realistic with what they do and expect from clients! I couldn’t have asked for better people along the way!
My bootcamp experience has been  absolutely amazing, I’ve enjoyed every second of it. When starting I was anxious of how I was going to get on doing it at home due to covid but with the support of kev, kel and the group I feel like I’ve smashed it!
When I started the bootcamp I was feeling lethargic, unhealthy and unhappy, I had bad eating habits and didn’t know how to get out of the vicious circle I was in! Now I feel fitter, healthier and more alive. I feel like me again! I have a clean diet, I exercise regularly and I have so much more energy!
I’ve found the exercise and nutrition really easy to adapt to, even though it was completely different to eating habits before it didn’t feel like I was starving myself, like some diets make you feel.
I would 100% and already have recommended KM fitness to friends
Sophie Pelfreyman (Kelly)

Sophie PalfreymanI decided to approach KM fitness as I had completely lost my way in the gym and was just putting more and more weight on. I had seen Kev and Kelly around the gym and decided to sign up to their bootcamp. I knew I needed to focus and needed someone to push me out of my comfort zone.

Kev and Kelly are both very friendly and approachable. They make the sessions fun and will always answer any questions you have. They will push you if they need to. They have kept me motivated throughout.

I have really enjoyed the bootcamp experiences. Kev and Kelly are always on hand to help you, motivate and inspire you. The check ins are helpful and mean you stay on track and with their help can make tweaks to ensure you get the most out of the bootcamps.

After doing 2 bootcamps I can definitely see an improvement in my fitness and have lost a good amount of weight.

I have had my meals prepped with Nutribox and they are amazing and well worth the money. It takes the hassle out of cooking and thinking what to eat. On the days I haven’t had these meals I have used recipes from the Bootcamp pack and they are so tasty, quick and easy to prep.

Starting the first bootcamp I was worried I would have to be at the gym everyday but I find the exercise manageable as it’s only 4 sessions a week and 2 of them are with the group.

I would definitely recommend KM fitness! I’d recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve fitness and lose weight. KM fitness are amazing at what they do

Penny Meadows (Kelly)

Penny MeadowsI started with Kelly about 2 years ago. I had always dipped in and out of gyms or done home workouts and silly fad diets but never ever stuck to anything. After having my daughter and with 12 months of no sleep, I’d begun to eat so much rubbish to try and get through the sleepless nights…the idea of dragging myself to the gym was terrifying.

Kell was recommended to me through a friend. To be honest, the idea of making small talk with a stranger or having someone stand over me while I was exercising filled me with dread..not my cup of tea at all but I decided to take the plunge and give it a go!

I remember my first meeting with Kelly, (where you have the initial chat and take those hideous photos), I was awkward and apprehensive and as I walked into the gym I wanted to turn straight back around and get out. How stupid I was! Kell put me totally at ease from the first second and I felt like she was really listening to me and totally got what it felt like to be a mum and barely recognise yourself in the mirror. We discussed my goals thoroughly and we started doing PT for an hour a week.

It sounds a bit OTT to say… but being brave and not walking back to my car was literally the best decision I made.

Following that first meeting, Kell made every session brilliant. It was great and having a PT to show you what you can do on the equipment is such a bonus. Every session was varied and I learnt new things each time. Some days she could tell that I’d had no sleep or was in a bad mood and she’d let me rant a little at her before whipping me into shape for an hour. It definitely never felt like anything I had worried it would be…no small talk at all…just chatting, laughing and encouragement (whilst dying a little bit on the gym floor)!

Outside of the gym she guided me through a new nutrition plan and was always at the end of the phone to spur me on or give me encouragement/ guidance when I needed it. I think this bit is really important because whilst that hour a week is great, I needed someone to keep tabs on me all week…to make sure I was reaching for healthy snacks and not a chocolate bar to try and get a boost of energy and to make sure I was getting enough sessions in at the gym.

I have done several rounds of PT with Kell and each of her bootcamps and I simply cannot recommend her enough. It sounds really gushy (and anyone that knows me will know that’s not really how I am!) But I genuinely can’t think of enough superlatives to explain what Kell has done for me over the last couple of years. She’s introduced me to a routine of fitness that for the first time in my life I really enjoy, she’s given me the confidence to go to the gym on my own and use equipment that looked terrifying at the beginning, and she’s now a really great friend!! What more could I have asked for when I walked into that gym, not making eye contact with anyone and just hoping to lose a few pounds?!

Thank you Kelly

Jodie Wood (Kev)

Jodie WoodI signed up to the 8 week fat loss programme to get out the vicious circle I was in. I wanted to change my body, i was so down about how I looked always covering up and dreading the thought of summer! I had in my head how I wanted to look and feel.

I needed a plan someone telling me exactly what to do. And after seeing all the Km Fitness results I knew that Kev & Kelly were the right people to help me sort it out. I had bad eating habits. Doing crash diets as a quick fix, the typical 4 on 3 off was just a standard week and completely binging at the weekend.

Kev & Kellys support since day 1 has been constant! They are so friendly and easy to talk to, If there was anything I was unsure of I just sent a quick text to Kev and his response was there ,nothing was ever to big or small to ask. There positivity and little pep talks and saying “keep pushing guys” will always stay in my head.

From doing 0 exercise to seeing the plan that was set I thought at first that’s going to be impossible but every day I did it and every day I got stronger. You just have to make a change if it’s what you really want.

The live workouts were amazing..always different and giving me the push I needed. There was always some form of exercise I could do, Kev & Kelly modified it if I was struggling.

The nutrition has been delicious! I never realised I was such a good cook 😂 So many meal choices and once your in the swing with prepping and planning it was so easy and satisfying. Enjoying the meals available helped to stay away from the treats I would prefer a full healthy meal over a bag of crisps and was going to gain more from it.

In the run up before the programme start when I had my pack I was so anxious and worried thinking how Would I have the time to prep my meals it involved a lot of cooking.. when would I have time to do a workout?

Being in lockdown with a baby and homeschooling my little girl whilst doing all the other general life jobs. But that was me again finding excuses, I now know 8 weeks down the line that there’s always time and no excuses. It’s a choice.

And i wasn’t going to give up to be stuck in a rut with myself again. Signing up was the hardest but most rewarding thing Iv ever done and Iv done it just for me.

I would 100% recommend Km fitness, If you want to look better feel better while having the constant support then these guys are the people you need in your life.

Thank you for helping me sort myself out and helping me feel like me again

Lisa Barlow (Kelly)

Lisa BarlowI had my 3rd & final baby & decided this was the right time to get my body back in shape.
An honest answer would also be that I threw up at a wedding due to wearing extremely tight sucky in pants. My goal was to feel comfortable in my body and change my eating habits for the better. When I started with Kelly i food element much easier than I expected. I swapped sweets for Greek yoghurt, chocolate for peanut butter cakes and juice for water. That won’t be changing any time soon.

My pt’s with Kell have been amazing, we hit it off straight away. I have always felt super comfortable around her and my journey started off in my bra & knickers for my body scan, so I think that broke the ice haha.

Kelly has basically been at my beck & call, day or night. I have messaged asking the most random questions about food & exercise. She has pushed me to my limits & encouraged me to do more. She has made me want to exercise, (never thought I’d say that), and she has given me the confidence to go to the gym alone & do a workout, I now feel way more confident.
We have laughed so much throughout and I would recommend KM fitness…in fact I would walk around wearing a sandwich board to promote their business.

If Kelly can change my body like this & make me want to exercise then she can do it for anyone.

Thank you Kelly.

Natalie Williams (Kelly)
Natalie WilliamsI decided to approach KM Fitness as my sister is getting married in the summer and I want to look and feel great for this, so following a recommendation from my brother in law I got in touch.
Kev & Kelly are lovely, any questions I had were quickly answered…and with no judgement. They are so knowledgable & helpful!
Before the bootcamp I ate reasonably healthy meals but loved chocolate, wine and always overloaded on carbs.
I thought I would really struggle with the food side but Kev & Kelly put a pack together with some great meal options and I never felt hungry!
The whole experience has been amazing, I have so much energy. I would 100% recommend them to anyone…and I have already signed up to the next bootcamp.
Wayne Taylor (Kev)

Wayne TaylorMy wife completed Kevs bootcamp in 2015 and was very impressed with kev and her results. I knew I could achieve what I wanted to if I followed the training and nutrition plan. I have mutual friends with Kev who have also had great experiences of having training of him so I knew I had made a good choice.
Her was trust worth during my wifes experience and I share the same thoughts. He was approachable and clearly practices what he preaches-which shows in his appearance.

I had just turned 31 and had had taken the foot of the pedal with exercise and healthy eating. I was losing my physique and not feeling great. I wanted to lose a little bit of weight and improves my strength, I started seeing results after only 2 weeks and by the end of the 6 weeks was amazed at my progress. With the support of Kev I achieved fantastic gains, he provided regular and speedy support via text message and always found the time to stand around after each session to give more advice.

I loved the exercise element despite it being very challenging. I especially loved the HIIT training. He also provided me with additional home and gym workouts to do in my own time. He was especially helpful with the circuit training and made sure everyone understood each exercise and provided alternatives for each one. He respected everyone had their own individual fitness level and encouraged everyone to go at their own level.

One of the most surprising things for me was what I was allowed to eat on the nutrition plan. Kev has educated me really well. My biggest challenge was the fact I have a sweet tooth, fortunately though kev provided information as to how to help with these cravings. The recipes were varied and tasty and kev was always speedy to reply to any picture messages I sent him regarding food labels.

Kevs overall knowledge was on point. Always at hand with helpful information and advice exercise and nutrition. This was important to me as I wanted to understand why I was using these methods. Once I met my weight target early on he adjusted my nutrition and training ensuring I moved to my next target. He also provided nutrition and training advice to use after we had finished. I didn’t expect this but was typical of Kev.

Nic Belfield (Kell and Kev)

I approached KM Fitness because I was on holiday in early 2020 and I felt incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin and I knew I needed to do something about it.

I’d seen the previous successes of Kev and Kelly’s programmes and wanted to gain confidence, so reached out and joined the programme.

When I first met Kev and Kelly they made me feel completely at ease. The thought of having my pictures taken terrified me. I’ve been with them for the past three bootcamps and I think that speaks volumes for how supportive they’ve been.

Whilst it might sound cheesy, I throughly believe they’ve completely helped turnaround my lifestyle. My new lifestyle, is here to stay!

My initial goal was to lose weight. However, aside from the exterior results, which speak for themselves, the biggest change I’ve seen is in my mental health and confidence.

I was worried about doing this by myself, but the group becomes a little community that support one another through the eight weeks!

Honestly, I’m not just saying this, this isn’t a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle change. It doesn’t feel hard or difficult, at least not after a couple of weeks. I’ve actually eaten more than ever before but with the help of Kev and Kelly’s expertise, it works!

As for the exercise, once you’re in a routine it’s addictive! The workouts are varied, which means you’ll never get bored.

I can’t recommend KM Fitness enough! I’ll be signing up again as it holds me accountable. I’ll be leaving lockdown more confident than ever and it’s thanks to these guys

Michelle Holdcroft (Kev)

Michelle Holdcroft“I got to know Kev through classes that I attended at True Grit Training and after seeing his transformation pictures I decided to sign up for his next bootcamp that was starting in October 2017.

Christmas was fast approaching and I wanted to get in better shape. I was training regularly but not seeing the results that I wanted.

Kev has always been extremely approachable and friendly but most importantly he takes the time to listen and understand your own personal goals as this is different for every person.

His passion for his job is second to none and wants you to best that you can be.

After completing my first Bootcamp with Kev my confidence grew but so did my strength, I met some lovely people that supported me throughout the 8 weeks and I now train with them at the gym.

I totally exceeded my own personal goals in the 8 weeks and that gave me the passion to want to push myself further to see what I could achieve so I joined up to Kev’s 10 week personal training physique programme at the start of this year.

I have always struggled with yo-yoing weight and with my 40th birthday approaching I wanted to look good and feel confident.

I put my trust in Kev and was over the moon with my results.

The 1-1 PT’s were extremely tough but it gave me the confidence to learn to push myself outside my comfort zone. I could not believe that I had achieved the results that I did – I’d lost over a stone in weight but more importantly I’d shed body fat and lots of inches:)

I have joined many gyms but never stuck at it but with Kev’s guidance and expertise I now love the gym especially seeing for myself what you can achieve with the correct training and nutrition.

The exercise element of bootcamp is great as you have the support of the group and can motivate each other along the way.

PT sessions are extremely tough, always different, enjoyable (I still hate the leg press) and very challenging. Kev never lets you stay in your comfort zone.

I always thought that being healthy was eating boring food , same old salads everyday but with all the recipes that are available in the bootcamp pack and all the advice I soon realised that was definitely not the case.

I have always struggled with eating the wrong foods (I have a very sweet tooth) but I now have the knowledge to know what I need by eating at the right times. Being healthy is no longer boring!

Kev’s knowledge on nutrition and exercise is excellent and he is always on hand for advice when needed.

Throughout both my bootcamp and physique programme Kev has monitored my progress and made changes to my food and and exercise regime whenever needed.

Anyone looking to make that change should put their trust in Kev.

Many have commented on the results that I have achieved, which I could not have done without kev’s advice & support. I have already spoke to friends who have gone on to sign up to Kev’s bootcamp.

I have learnt so much from Kev about nutrition and exercise that I will continue with knowing that I can fit this into my everyday life. But most importantly he has given me back my self confidence and of course I now have a whole new wardrobe of smaller clothes.

Thanks Kev!” 😊

Lisa Dutton (Kev)

Lisa DuttonI decided to sign up after returning from holiday with a slight weight gain to find a week later they were closing the gyms, my weight slowly crept up during the lockdown and not doing exercise.

I had gained 12lbs in a very short space of time and didn’t feel great about my self. I also kept choosing the wrong foods, not even meals just junk. I knew I couldn’t make the change alone and I was in a viscous circle and needed a helping hand.

I had seen Kev & Kellys previous clients over a period of time and there amazing results and decided to try it. I had no discipline and willpower and liked the idea of a mentor, checking in each week and also learning about food and nutrition.

I never ever expected to get the results I’d seen on the photos of kevs other clients but was happy just to loose a few pounds, how wrong was I 😃

Kev and Kelly have been 100% dedicated to me and my progress during this plan. They are committed to making my journey a success, with regular communication checking on my wellbeing, offering support, motivation or even just a pick me up chat. They are two very genuine down to earth people who are passionate about what they do and how to get you where you want to be.

What seemed like a good idea at the time soon felt like a bad move as the start date came nearer, i started doubting myself and even if I would be able complete even a couple of weeks, I just didn’t feel confident about it.

Within a couple of days I knew it was the best thing I could of done, the food was delicious and very satisfying, i tried foods I’d never had before. Then the weight started to come off and my body began to change, this was a massive boost and incentive to continue.

My mood lifted and I felt happy within and with the food I was eating. I soon got into a the new routine and the willpower and discipline just came natural. I’ve loved every single day on this plan and rewarded with results I never expected to achieve

I’ve enjoyed the excercise as I miss the gym so much, I had doubts about working out at home but because we had live classes it’s just like been at the gym anyway with the instructor, I’ve really enjoyed all the food too. I never eaten so much

I highly recommend KM Kitness to anyone who’s wants to get their life back on track, if you don’t feel like you can do it alone, you will be 100% supported every step of the way by Kev and Kelly, it’s their passion! It’s the best thing I have ever done and why I’ve signed up for the next one

Allison Tomlinson (Kev and Kelly)

Allison TomlinsonAfter returning from my holiday in august 2016 and looking at my photos, i knew i needed to do something. I Joined kev’s boot-camp in the October and never thought i would complete that let alone become a constant member of the gym.

Ever since successfully completing that first Bootcamp I have never looked back and have continued to make progress.

Along the way Kev told me that Kelly was starting a beginners weights class and that he thought i would benefit from it, so i joined up.

Kelly is a fantastic coach, who really knows her stuff, and on top of that she really does make you feel at ease, she is friendly and never judgemental.

Kelly has given me the confidence to do my own workouts in the Gym without feeling that i am doing it wrong.

I would highly recommend Kev and Kelly to any of my friends or family, they are fab coaches and that is why I continue to this day to do their boot naps to ensure I continue my journey.

Mark Francis (Kev)

Mark Francis“I approached Kev looking for help as I was struggling mentally and was having a tough time which resulted in me gaining a lot of weight.

I was struggling to motivate myself and was desperate to start feeling better about myself.

I started kevs Bootcamp and really enjoyed it, I started to lose weight, feel good about myself again and felt more confident.

The exercise element on Bootcamp was very enjoyable and the support and friendliness from everyone else in the camp was also a calming experience.

An important element is the nutrition and I have found this extremely beneficial in helping me achieve my goals. Kev has always been great at answering any questions regarding nutrition. His knowledge is excellent and was always on hand when needed.

From my own experience with Kev I would say exercise is a great way to treat mental health. Even when you have days that you don’t want to exercise, go and do it because you will feel so kick better about yourself and the situation you are in”

Kylie Broad (Kelly)

Kylie BroadI have been a regular client of Kelly’s since she first started as a PT and I would never look back. She is absolutely incredible and really knows her stuff. She pushes you out of your comfort zone and is always there to answer any questions you have and she also makes sessions fun and different each week.

Kelly has taught me how to make better lifestyle choices and that consistency is key. I felt absolutely amazing after completing an 8 week fat loss programme with my cousin where we both achieved amazing results by sticking to Kelly’s exercise and nutrition plan. I managed to maintain this after as Kelly taught me about sustainability and balance. I continued to have PT sessions with her once a week to keep me focused and on track. I am also currently taking part in bootcamp with Kelly and already seeing some pleasing results and feeling so much better. Thank you Kelly for everything. I would highly recommend you.

Lisa Thornton (Kev)

Lisa ThorntonI had friends who had taken PT and bootcamp with Kevin and I asked them because I wanted to lose weight and get fit but I had lost my confidence and didn’t know where to start.

When I first met Kevin he was Very kind and put me at ease right away. He was very respectful and didn’t make me feel silly, as I have already said my confidence was rock bottom so it was a huge step for me to take, he completely understood this and didn’t judge me at all.

Initially i wanted to lose weight but I also knew I needed a lifestyle change. I had previously been fit and a keen runner but couldn’t maintain this since putting on weight. I needed to change my lifestyle as I was eating all the wrong food, smoking and drinking too much.

There is heart disease and diabetes in my family so I needed to change my lifestyle as I felt I was heading towards falling foul of this!!

I did my initial bootcamp with Kevin in January this year and did another with him in April. I then followed this with 2 blocks of personal training which took me to December.

I achieved my goals and then some!! I’m fitter and healthier than ever. I’ve not smoked since January 2016, I am now a member at True Grit Training and I train 6 days a week, including 2 runs. And I’m STRONG. I took part in the Potters ‘Arf Marathon as part of a relay and did X-RUNNER 10K obstacle course race. My confidence is back and I love life.

I Really enjoyed bootcamp and I made lots of new friends. I really enjoyed the class but for me the best session was the outside training sessions at Forest Park. I have a love/hate relationship with those hill sprints but the team work and atmosphere was fantastic.

The personal training sessions have been awesome – I wish I could do this every day. Kev always knows you have a bit more to give and pushes you to achieve because he knows you can – he had faith in me when I never did.

I struggled with the nutrition element at first because it wasn’t what I was used to but I put my faith in Kev as the expert. I read the bootcamp back and it made sense.

I went from eating 6 slices of white bread every day to none and now I don’t eat bread at all. I know now why my body craved those sugary foods and by eating the right food at the right time I was able to keep the cravings at bay.

Kev’s knowledge is Fantasic – I can’t fault him. I struggled initially with the change in diet as I can’t eat eggs but when I explained this to Kev he gave me alternatives.

He would always give advice and articles to read up on but was never “you must do this”. He gave us information and backed it up with the facts.

On the exercise he was always giving modifications depending on the level of fitness you were at but would push you when he knew you had more to give.

I have since referred friends have taken up places with Kev for bootcamp and PT sessions from my recommendations.

The single best thing I have taken away from my experience of training with Kev is he has helped me get my confidence back and he believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Alex Tilstone (Kev and Kelly)

Alex TilstoneI have been with Kev and Kelly for a while now and their knowledge and support is always amazing. I find them both friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Also give you a kick up the bum when needed.

I have done a lot of bootcamps with Kev and Kelly and its always been about losing weight and getting fit which again this time round it was the same, however, out of all my bootcamps this ones been brilliant, not because the others weren’t good but it helped me especially mentally and felt I wasnt alone in the world of homeschooling/lockdown and work.

When I felt locked up and had no motivation Kev and Kelly would also drop a video or a message to keep us all motivated.

The exercise has been brilliant for home workouts as I do not have the equipment at home that I would usually use at the gym and the pack provided with recipes is so helpful and easy to follow.

I would 100%, recommend them. I always mention to friends and family how its fun to log on and work out with Kev and Kel

Tony Grace (Kev)

Tony GraceI decided to contact Kevin after I saw one of his transformation photos on facebook, I was initially nervous but when we met his friendly, approachable and easy going manner put me at ease.

I initially signed up to his bootcamp in July 2016 on which I lost over 1 stone in weight. After this I followed the same fundamentals kev laid out during his bootcamp until January 2017 when I signed up to Kevs 10 week Physique PT package to lose more body fat and to build my physique.
By the end of the 10 weeks I achieved more than I thought possible. My transformation photos are amazing and still cant believe the shape I have got myself in.

The exercise side of things have always been tough but enjoyable and very rewarding. The nutrition element was probably the toughest part of my journey but I was determined to stick to it in order to achieve my goals.
Kevs knowledge on both exercise and nutrition proved to be invaluable to me and extremely extensive. I am now more knowledgeable as to what it takes to stay in shape and have a new lease of life at the ripe old age of 49.

Beth Harrison (Kelly)

Beth HarrisonThis is the first time I’ve done anything like this and wow am I glad I did! After having my baby, I fell into the trap of surviving off sugar, carbs and caffeine. My body was unrecognisable and I spent my days hiding under baggy jumpers and maternity jeans. I couldn’t bare to look at myself in the mirror and knew that something had to change…then along came Kelly. She warned me that this wouldn’t be easy and yes there were times where I felt like giving up but Kelly was always there to offer support, encouragement and reassurance (and not just during pt sessions). She understands ‘real life’ and was able to work a programme to suit us- with workouts to do at home and how to manage ‘eating out’. Although I’ve still got a way to go, this has given me the best kickstart I could have wished for. I have learnt so much and this really is a lifestyle change. I can’t thank you enough.

Janet Tellwright (Kelly)

Janet TellwrightLike lots of us do, I got myself in a bit of a rut. I wasn’t happy with myself, felt lethargic and had very little energy. I had a potential holiday and my step son’s wedding coming up later this year so I knew I had to do something about myself. Then I saw the chance to do the Online Fat Loss Programme with KM Fitness . . . Perfect!!

Kev and Kelly are such lovely people, approachable, friendly, dedicated and honest. They are always at the end of a phone call or text whenever you need their advice or have a question. They are constantly encouraging you as they want you to succeed and will not let you fail.

I had completed 2 bootcamps before with Kelly so I knew I needed to put the work in to get the results I needed. I knew I was going to have to push myself at first as with anything, but it got easier as I got fitter and used to the nutrition.

My goal was to lose a stone by the end of the 8 weeks so I’m so pleased that I’ve actually exceeded my goal and feel so much happier in myself.

Before I started this programme, I was doing no exercise what so ever. So of course, I found the exercising challenging at the start but went at my own pace and level of fitness but pushed myself at the same time. I just loved the fact that you are set specific workouts just for you and you also have live work outs with Kev or Kelly too!!

At the beginning, I was hopeless at doing a Burpee but as I became fitter, I can now actually do a half decent one and feel really guilty not doing a workout on my rest days!!!

I was quite apprehensive about what and when to eat but once I got my head around it, it’s really quite easy and it isn’t just an 8 week programme, but a lifetime one! And the meals are delicious so you never get bored of your food as it’s so varied.

I would one million percent recommend KM Fitness to my friends and family. If I can do this, anyone can!

Anna Hardy (Kev)

Anna Hardy“I had been thinking for quite some time whether I should hire a PT. Mainly because I felt a little bit embarrassed and uncomfortable with the fact that as a certified PT myself I should be able to “sort my life out” on my own. Some even said to me, as a PT I shouldn’t need one…

But as my wedding day was fast approaching I knew that being held accountable would help me stay on track.

Kev’s attitude towards his clients caught my attention almost immediately. He appeared totally devoted to his clients, focusing on their movements and listening to what they were saying. He also seemed very approachable. And he is just that.

About the same time one of the FB friends, who also happened to have been trained by Kev in the past, reposted KM Fitness bootcamp post and after speaking to him about his experience I decided to approach Kevin.

One of the best decisions I have made!

Kev very quickly responded to my initial enquiry and booked me for a free consultation. During the appointment he was very approachable, attentive and friendly. He listened to my concerns and made me feel relaxed. There was no judgement from him whatsoever. I remember coming back home after the consultation and feeling good and positive about starting the programme.

We started working together in January and from the day one Kevin was very supportive and encouraging. The PT sessions were tough and challenging. Kev’s support on nutrition was brilliant. He listened to my struggles (a.k.a weekly moans) and tweaked things to make sure I stay on track. He would check on me outside our PT sessions to find out how my food, training, mood, stress levels etc had been during the week. I have always felt supported, especially when the going started getting tough.

The wedding day came and the dress fitted perfectly. But the journey didn’t finished there. Having come back from my honeymoon I signed up to one of Kev’s bootcamps which not only helped me to stay on track but also exceed my personal goals, achieve a better physique and I was running again!

Once the bootcamp finished I signed up to another block of PTs with Kev and the results didn’t disappoint again.

At the end of the programme I was in my best shape ever.

Originally my goal was to lose weight for the wedding. Having achieved this my focus shifted towards working on my physique. My weight stayed roughly the same (give or take a few pound) during the last block on 1-1 PT sessions but at the end of it I was comfortably wearing size 8 trousers! Something I never thought would happen again.

The exercises were challenging and progressive. Kev always pushed me to work harder which I wouldn’t have done whilst training on my own. With that in mind the program he wrote for me helped me to stay focused in the gym when training on my own as it didn’t require to spent hours in the weights area.

Kev listened to me and helped me to develop the best approach to nutrition that would work for me. Because of that I found it easier to stick with it and stay on track. No keto for this girl thanks 💁‍♀️

Once the progress started slowing down he tweaked things again to make sure I would continue to see the results we desired.

Since Kev has trained me I have had a massive boost of self confidence and would 100% recommend him”

“Thank you Kev” 😊

Sarah Latham (Kelly)

Sarah LathamI’ve just finished my fourth transformation with Kelly, I’ve been happy with my results every time but this time even more so (I usually do 8 weeks but this time it was 10)… which is perfect because I’m #shreddingforthewedding Before Kel I had been to previous PTs but with her you just get that extra bit, that extra push that really makes you achieve your goals which is why I’ll always go back… plus she’s lovely and she’s a right laugh.

I felt 100% supported throughout the whole process, and god knows the support is needed. Completing a transformation is not an easy task and I’m not sure I’d have the motivation needed if it wasn’t for Kel being there literally a WhatsApp message away.

The first two weeks were tough, the middle bit I settled in and remembered all the tricks/recipes, (the endless meal ideas provided are SO good) and the last two weeks i stuck to it but simply couldn’t stop thinking about dark chocolate digestives… I’m only human afterall… but looking at my before and after photos today has made it all worth it.

Kel is an amazing PT, she’s positive, upbeat, has all the health/fitness knowledge that you could ask for, tells you like it is when you’re really being a mard arse and simply is just really nice!… what more could you ask for.

Tim Sherwin (Kev)

Tim SherwinA friend recommended Kevin and I saw his transformation posts on social media which encouraged me to contact him.

The initial introduction meeting was good and he was very informative about the training programme working around existing health issues.

I explained how I feel I can workout and be more focused if I have short term goals and I stuck to the programme and the nutrition through. I was also signed upto NutriBox meal prep which was a big help.

I couldn’t believe the transformation I achieved and how much better I felt about myself.

NutriBox meal preps and the exercise combined was the winning formula and and the team were excellent in changing some meals I didn’t like to more favourite options. I came off the food preps after reaching my holiday body goal! Then restarted again after.

I have recommended Kev to many friends and feel he is now more a friend than just a paid trainer. Health issues have held my progress back at times through the year and he has always looked for work round solutions to help in my training.

Lynette Davies (Kelly)

Lynette DaviesI first met Kelly properly when I did a 6 week “get to know your way around the gym” course with her, which was fab for someone that hadn’t got a clue! (moi).

This is what made me choose Kelly for my first PT course, which was 10 weeks!!! Whaaaaaat! And she kicked my ass, let me tell you, that sweet innocent looking face is a con and don’t let the fact that she’s a dot fool you either, evil things come in small packages! LOL.

But on a serious note, Kelly is a fantastic personal trainer, I have completed 2 10 week packages with Kelly now and it really is life changing.

Kelly is enthusiastic and encouraging to push me to achieve my goals but also in a realistic way, yes she expects 100% from you but what’s the point in not giving 100% 

Kelly will push you past your boundaries and yes you will swear at her, she’s used to it, she just gives you a little smile and pushes you further.

I now feel confident in the gym, have a better relationship with food and feel a hell of a lot healthier, thanks Kel

I absolutely will use Kelly again and would highly recommend any of her Bootycamps or PT packages.

Sarah Patten (Kelly)

Sarah Williams“After having Kelly as a PT throughout different points over the year, I told her straight away to put my name down for her Booty bootcamp as I knew it would be fun, interesting and I’d learn even more new things. Kelly is truly fantastic at her job, putting you at ease if you’re new, pushing you to your limits if she knows you can and reassuring and motivating where it’s needed. Her knowledge around exercise and nutrition is amazing…she’s definitely one of those ones that read around the subject! and it’s so worth it because you can put your trust in the fact that any bootcamp she does will be hard work but so enjoyable! I’ve learnt so many more gym workouts and meal ideas during this bootcamp and love how all of the girls motivate each other throughout each week! Now let’s move on to wedding prep…there’s no other PT I’d want to help me work towards it! 👍🏻 😄💪🏻❤👰🏼”

Kieren Norcup (Kev)

Kieren NorcupI have never lifted weights and had been a long distance runner for approximately 10 years. I wanted to change the appearance of my body, build muscle, decrease body fat, increase muscle mass and have an increased confidence in my body composition.

I wanted to build muscle and hoped at the end to have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

I approached Kevin after I saw one of his clients transformation pictures on facebook and was impressed at the results. We met to discuss my goals and what was to be expected. I have used other facilities before ( Elite / Cave / Pure Gym ) so feel I am able to provide an unbiased review. I was introduced to True Grit Training ( TGT ) and I love the place. The business proprietors are two decent honest guys who want the best for you. They will offer guidance, help and rather than feeling like a no body you are made to feel welcome. The facilities, gym, classes are 1st class.

I couldn’t fault the experience I have had with Kev. It is hard work the results I achieved made it worthwhile.

You have to be dedicated and give 100% to all elements including the nutrition which is a massive part. Workouts are provided which focuses upon your goals. These are broken down and Kevin will walk you through the exercises which assists with your understanding.

I knew what exercises I was doing on what days and if I was ever unsure about any aspect I would call / message Kev who is more than willing to help in any way he can. This helped to simply the whole experience. This doesn’t mean that the process is easy, far from it. If you want results you have to focus on working hard. Understanding correct techniques and pushing yourself is essential.

Bespoke nutritional plans are created per day based upon your own individual goals and body mass. Kevin will make any alterations he feels throughout, with your approval, as he wants you to achieve your goals.

For me he is clearly a fountain of knowledge regarding the realms of being a professional trainer.

He is able to push you to your limits which is what is needed. He is more than able to take the anticipated abusive comments fired back his way too.

I am so much more confident in the gym and feel at ease knowing I am not being judged. This is thanks to the confidence Kev had given me. I can’t thank him enough.

Charl McNulty (Kelly)

Charlotte McNultyI decided to join Kelly’s bootcamp as I was completely aware the pounds had started to creep on. I was training but doing the same thing each week and eating ok but with bad habits that were becoming increasingly regular! I was becoming really unhappy of how I looked in clothes and how I was feeling in myself and decided enough was enough and I needed to do something about it!! I needed some help, motivation and a starting point, and that’s where kelly came in.

She advertised her booty camp and I signed up straight away, she sent me a nutritional pack with loads of recipes and a huge list of foods and workouts which turned into my bible for the past 6 weeks!! I loved the weekly booty PT session in which I swear Kelly tried to kill us 😂 jokes… (although I couldn’t walk for days after). Her advice throughout has been amazing, whenever I needed to ask a question she was only a message away and I’m over the moon with my results!

So kelly, thank you so much for all your help and knowledge, it truly does work with a little bit of Graft and good advice! Ladies if you’re looking for a bit of motivation and an amazing PT who is not only incredible at her job, but the nicest person you could meet, sign up for her next boot camp you won’t be disappointed!!

Jack Murtagh (Kev)

Jack MurtughI signed upto KM fitness because I wanted to lose weight and learn how to use gym equipment correctly without being conscious of doing it wrong.

When I first met Kev at the initial consultation he was very helpful and informative and talked me through the programme and what the programme will involve.

I’ve been really enjoying both the exercise and Nutrition element of the programme and since I completed it have continued to train at the gym and eat well.

Signing up to Kev’s transformation programme was one of the best things I have done and I would 100% recommend him to friends and family.

Georgina Brookes (Kelly)

Georgina Brookes“Having done one of Kelly’s bootycamps a few years ago I knew that their fat loss fundamentals and realistic goal setting really worked!

I needed some motivation to lose weight I had put on during the first lock down and feel good about myself again! I knew that they were the only ones I would approach to achieve these goals.

Both Kelly and kev are fantastic coaches! They are so approachable, down to earth, and motivated to achieve the best for you! Nothing is to much trouble. Always there for you no question to silly, and checking in regularly to make sure your okay.

I knew that the bootcamps aren’t easy and that you need to put the effort in to get the results you want. Trusting the process and being patient. Iv enjoyed both the online and sessions they have put on during this bootcamp.

I loved being back in the gym and having a goal to work towards! Weekly group PT sessions that always pushed you to work a little harder! Even during lockdown Kelly and Kev were there every step of the way with HITT classes, and workouts.

The nutrition pack sent out was really good with so many great recipes in for you to follow. Meal prepping had actually become fun and find myself doing it all the time!

I would 100% recommend Kelly and Kev for bootcamps and Pts. I can’t thank them enough for giving me the motivation and determination to get back to enjoying exercise, the gym and lose some weight!

Thanks again guys!”❤️


Kellie Ann Louise (Kev)

Kellie Anne LouiseI decided to approach KM Fitness because I needed to lose weight. I had seen how good the results had been previously and knew I would be in good hands!

Kev was friendly and approachable and gave all the information needed to start the boot camp. He was there to answer any questions and was motivational through out!

I was worried about sticking to the boot camp for 8 weeks and feared I may have given up but through group PT and social media I was able to stay focused! I’m glad I started because it gave me a new outlook on nutrition and exercise!

As a vegetarian I found nutrition an issue but I was able to adjust recipes with ease and even try new recipes. Nutri box was also a valuable tool for the boot camp as I was able to get tailored meals if I was ever short of time to prep!

I would definitely recommend KM Fitness as the results speak for themselves. Everyone who takes part in the boot camps are friendly and motivated to do their best!

Dave Willott (Kev)

Dave WillottAfter recognising that I wanted to shed a few pounds I was looking to join a gym, I had previously been a member at a few gyms but never seemed to achieve anything and therefore my motivation levels would drop off. I noticed Kev’s bootcamp transformations on Facebook and was very impressed with the results so I decided I would give it a go to see if it would work for me. On starting the bootcamp he took my weight, and measurements and asked about my current lifestyle e.g. what I eat, drank and how much exercise I was doing. He then told me what his expectations of me were, there is a certain level of self discipline required to make this work and the dietary requirements and exercise plan was essential to getting the results I wanted. Although on the whole I stuck to my nutrition plan, there was the odd time when it wasn’t possible to eat the correct meals due to work, on these occasions I didn’t let this set me back I just worked harder at the next gym session. During the 8 week bootcamp my motivation levels remained high, Kev regularly took my weight and measurements to monitor my progress and set goals along the way offering advice on how to achieve them. It is also worth noting that Kev set up a Facebook group for the participants of the bootcamp which provided a platform for people to ask questions, suggest new ideas and generally help each other out, Kev was always very quick to respond to any questions regarding nutrition and often posted healthy meal ideas. When I came to the end of the bootcamp I was really happy with the progress I had made, I had achieved what I set out to do with regards to weight loss and I generally felt a lot fitter and Healthier. Kev advised me on how to carry on progressing after the bootcamp, I had put a lot of time and effort into the results I had achieved and I wasn’t going to throw it away so I made myself a full member of True Git. Like I said earlier I had previously been a member of other gyms in the area but I never really felt like I enjoyed going and I struggled with my motivation levels. True Grit is by far the best gym I have ever been to, I feel relaxed in there, all of the staff are very helpful and friendly, the classes are challenging and rewarding at the same time, gives you a feel good factor when you’ve completed it. A few weeks after bootcamp had finished I decided to do a 10 week Hypertrophy course with Kev, I was unsure as to how much I could improve as I was pretty happy with my physique at that point. Again Kev asked what my expectations were and again reiterated that if I stuck to the plan then everything was achievable. Over the 10 weeks I had 1 session a week PT with Kev, we never did the same session twice, it was always varied and tailored to what I needed. I learnt lots of different exercises and routines which I carried into my own workouts. The PT sessions coupled with True Grit HIIT classes and gym worked perfectly for me, I feel it is a good blend of strength and fitness training. As when I was on bootcamp Kev took regular measurements and advised on what I should be doing in terms of exercise and nutrition. The PT sessions were challenging and Kev always pushed me to get the most out of them. When the 10 week course finished and I received my results and before and after pics I was amazed by my transformation. The course had exceeded my expectations, I would never have thought that it was possible to get into the shape I was in in such a short period of time. Looking back on how I looked just over 6 months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed to be in the shape I’m in now, but it just shows that with a bit of hard work and determination you can achieve results you never thought you could.

Cheryl Powner (Kev)

Cheryl PownerI have known Kev for years through his classes at the gym. I decided to start Personal training with him as I feel comfortable with him and like his whole work ethic and approach to health and fitness. I especially like the practice what you preach method.

For years I have had a sugar/sweet craving and knew I needed to cut down if I was to achieve the results I wanted. My initial aim was to cut out sugar loaded cereal for breakfast and chocolate every day. I started with Kevs bootcamp which was a combination of indoor circuits and outdoor training which I enjoyed as it was challenging and offered variation to training.

I have completed 2 of Kevs boorcamps to date and along with my sister have been having personal training sessions with Kev.

I love the exercise element of bootcamp and personal training. I have never had a problem motivating myself for exercise as its something I can just do. The outdoor training I especially enjoyed as it was something different and an hour of running around outdoors with a group of other people encourages you to interact. It also means Kev has to do a bit himself which we all found amusing-even though he kicks our ass!

The nutrition was always going to be a struggle as it doesn’t come natural to me. I don’t enjoy cooking and did not previously have enough knowledge in general. Once it was simplified and I was given the chance to ask questions, I was fine. I like that I could ask questions and not feel naïve. I still don’t have cereal for breakfast which is a good thing.

One word can describe Kevs knowledge-brilliant! Any questions I have I feel comfortable asking and I love how he answers in depth.

The single best thing I have taken away so far is the importance of the right nutrition.  And how I was a “carb fiend” before but I also know due to the amount of exercise I do I can have carbs as long as I time them right. Kev has taught me that everyone is different and you have to listen to your body and what works best for you.

Alex Bailey (Kev)

Alex BaileyKev is a personal friend of many years and after seeing many of his successful stories on facebook I felt I needed to give it a go or miss out.

I can wholeheartedly say it is one of the best lifestyle changing experiences I have had. I have never felt better and all this is in a short 6 week period.

Being self-employed isn’t easy. Every minute your not working you feel guilty your not and ultimately start neglecting other areas of your life. Kev bootcamp was a perfect compromise; a few hours a week exercise and a fantastic nutrition plan to follow.

My ultimate goal was to lose 1 stone in weight and get leaner. Thanks to kev I managed to achieve my goals. The nutrition plan has completely transformed my eating habits for the better.

At the start of the exercise element of bootcamp I found the sessions gruelling but by the end I felt more than competent and was able to feel a definite improvement in my fitness.

My favourite part of bootcamp was the nutrition plan. Planning and preparing meal plans really helped, the guidance sheets were insightful and beneficial. I never once felt bored with the plan and had a wide variety to cater for all tastes.

I would strongly recommend Kev in a heart beat. Anyone looking to achieve new life-style goals should jump on board today. Kevin will only continue to go from strength to strength

Aimee Robinson (Kev)

Aimee Robinson“Before deciding to join one of KM fitness bootcamps I had tried loads of different diets from slimming world to fad diets that I often got results quickly but could never maintain.

After doing a few classes at True Grit Training my friend from work told me she had heard great things about KM Fitness bootcamps getting lasting results so we decided to sign up.

My main aim over the 8 weeks was to see if I could get the idea of what the scales being the bee all and end all out of my head, but also to see what I could achieve to ultimately make me feel better about myself.

Kev was really approachable and friendly when I first met him so that made it easier to talk to him if there were any days I was struggling or if needed any help with food.

The bootcamp pack that we were supplied at the start with all the recipes in and Kev sending over different food ideas on the facebook group really helped vary the food choices so you didn’t feel like you were eating the same thing everyday.

I followed the exercises and added in additional classes to try and push myself a little more. I got into a routine of going to the classes and I am able to keep going with this after the bootcamp ended as its something I have started to enjoy.

I even found that I really like spinning which is something that never appealed to me before.

I would definitely recommend KM fitness bootcamps to friends, everyone in the group was really friendly and the basics that Kev teaches you are really easy to maintain and follow.

As soon as I finished the last bootcamp I decided to sign up to Kev and Kelly’s next bootcamp to see what I can achieve in another 8 weeks time”

Ron Tomkinson (Kev)

Ron TomkinsonIt all really started for me when I had pneumonia in march 2016. This really knocked my confidence and I lost a lot of weight and strength.

I saw a transformation photo of one of Kev’s clients wayne so I decided to approach him to see what he could do for me.

When I first met kev I was really nervous as I had never been to a gym before and my confidence was quite low. Kev was a very friendly and welcoming person who answered all my questions and gave me confidence and belief to go to the gym and get started.

I wanted to get fitter, stronger, gain muscle mass and be more confident to train in a gym.

I started on Kev’s Bootcamps in October last year at True Grit Training. At the end of this I felt so much fitter and stronger and had gained weight. My confidence had grown and felt more comfortable in the gym.

From here I decided I really wanted to build some more muscle so I signed up to Kev’s 10 week hypertrophy programme. Safe to say I am 100% happy with how I look and have the confidence to train on my own and this is all down to kev.
It wasn’t easy though, the exercise throughout was always hard work. I personally really enjoyed the personal training sessions as kev really pushes you to do bigger weights and give me the confidence to pick up heavier weights when training on my own.

The nutrition was hard work during the hypertrophy programme, I was eating lots of food and each week kev would check my measurements and adjust my nutrition when it was needed. It got harder as the food amounts increased but he gives lots of different options and ways to mix it up.
Kev is well educated in exercise and nutrition. He answered all my questions and I did everything he told me to get the results I got.

The single best thing I can take from my time being trained with kev is the confidence he has given me and the training and nutrition knowledge I have. Without this from kev I would not have achieved what I have.

Matt Hudson (Kev)

Matt HudsonI saw Kev’s transformation album on Facebook and was intrigued for a while but I was to in my comfort zone to have the get up and go to make a change to my life style.

It was only until I met one of the guys there had recently completed one of Kev’s boot camps. After seeing his results and asking about how he went about it I contacted Kev and signed straight up to his boot camp.

Kev was really friendly and welcoming, he asked about my personal goals and targets, answered all of my questions and gave me an instant relief that I had made the right decision.

To anybody that is making that scary first step into the gym. Trust me, you’re worrying about nothing. From the first second of chatting with Kev all those demons disappear!

I started on Kev’s Bootcamp in October 2016, I was a newbie to the gym and exercise in general, I Had spent my adult life eating poorly and drinking to the point of a beer belly. My goal was to get fit and loose the belly!

The first session felt like a killer! Having not being used to exercise, but week by week the fitter I was getting.

After 4 weeks I was addicted to the results I was seeing so I arranged some PT’s with Kev alongside of the boot camp. My confidence levels had been given a jump start, suddenly the gym was no longer a scary place full of giant men lifting Olympic weights.

After the 8-week boot camp, I had managed to shift my belly, felt healthier physically and mentally, Prior to all this I had been taking anti-depressant medication for the past few years, just after 8 weeks of Kev’s programme I managed to come of those tablets.

After the boot camp, I instantly asked Kev if I could join his next one. He explained to me that I had already lost my excess weight and my body fat was down to a minimum and that I should concentrate on building muscle as this was the next step for my body. So, I signed up to do a 10-week hypertrophy with Kev, this consisted of 4 x 1 hour sessions in the gym per week in the weight section of true grit and eating a lot of meals using his ‘clean bulking’ tailored diet for my own tastes. Half way through my hypertrophy I suffered a back injury during a session, Kev was really sincere about this problem and assured me to take a week off to rest whilst being off Kev would daily check up on me and offer messages of inspiration. We made up for the lost time at the end of my hypertrophy, Kev donated his time in order for me to complete the whole 10 week programme.

Doing the hypertrophy was probably the hardest thing I have ever challenged myself with, those 1 hour sessions full of sweat and pain felt like 10 hours at the time (usually ending up with me vomiting on leg day!) and the eating part took up a lot of time prepping and eating.

But I feel a huge self-satisfaction that I can say “I did it!” and the results I saw back in the mirror was a completely different body than I saw 18 weeks earlier.
The exercise element was challenging as being new and was a massive learning curve knowing what to call certain exercises/ weights.

Every week was a step forward though, being able to do more cardio and lifting heavier each week was rewarding that I have learnt new skills and was doing it properly.

The nutrition element was really interesting to learn about high fat/high protein diet in order to get your body to burn fat. I learnt a lot of Kev’s recipes in order to cook from scratch, I still cook a his favourites now.

During hypertrophy Kev basically designed every meal for me after asking about personal preferences regarding tastes and dislikes etc.
Every week he would adjust my meal plan gram by gram depending on my weekly measurements and progress. It was hard work fitting in so many meals per day but rewarding that the results speak for themselves

Kev’s knowledge was spot on, he took time to show me every exercise and weight lifting techniques, he explained about tempo of lifting a weight was more important than the size of the weight. Getting everything possible out of every single rep.

His knowledge on nutrition was bang on too, he would give the best advice on the supplements needed and answer all questions about what to eat and what not to eat. On a daily basis Kev would be asked questions and reply instantly in the ‘boot camp group message’ about nutrition.

I have already referred several friends and colleagues to Kev’s boot camp which have come out with fantastic results.

My confidence levels now are through the roof and it all started on Kev’s Bootcamp

Andrea Chapman (Kev)

Andrea ChapmanI decided to approach Kevin for bootcamp to try a different approach to losing weight, especially body fat and inches across my waist. Not only did I achieve this but I am now far better educated on what it takes to lose inches and body fat as well as how what the scales say are not the most important thing.

Kevin put me at ease as soon as I met him with his approachable, friendly and likeable personality. His knowledge and passion for his job is fantastic. He knows what is required and give advice and support when required. He also gave great advice when I was having sweet cravings in the first few weeks.

The exercise element of my training was great. It was varied every week and challenged me further each week. Kevin was aware of my low upper body strength so he provided alternative exercises when I needed them.

The nutrition element was also great. I embraced it, kept to the strict reduced carbs and sugar then loved how I could introduce carbs on workout days. It was easy to follow and helped me to rethink about when and why I eat and what I am putting in my mouth.

I would highly recommend Kevin for bootcamp. I feel fitter and stronger and feel happier all around because of this.

Andy Williams (Kev)

Andy WilliamsMy partner and I both wanted to lose some weight. I was 28 and the heaviest I have ever been at 15 ½ stone and was not happy with the way I looked.

Previously my weight had gone up and down but as we had a little boy in 2015 this made us eat more takeaways and not exercise as much (however now I now know there should be no excuses ;-))

During the first boot camp in January I put my faith in Kevin and followed exactly what he advised even though I thought I was eating too much.
I met new friends who were starting there journey themselves. They helped massively and we pushed each other each week. They have all done amazing and I still see thTrue Grit Trainingrit Training nearly a year on!

My results spoke for them self’s over the 6 weeks I lost 1stone 1lb.
Following the first boot camp I relaxed slightly but continued to follow Kev’s fundamentals and lost another ½ a stone up until the next boot camp to which I then lost another 10lb.
Over the summer I went away enjoyed myself and put a few lb’s back on but controlled it with exercise.
Towards the back end of the year I decided that I wanted another push and set my goal to achieve seeing my abs by summer 2017.

Over the last 10weeks I have had personal training with Kev and again I have lost over a stone this means this year I have lost over 2 ½ stone, over 12% body fat and put on muscle.

I am well on my way to achieving my goals but would have not been able to do this without the help and support from Kevin.

I feel fitter, more confident and shown myself what I can achieve if I put my mind to it