So you’ve gained weight during lockdown

by | Jul 25, 2020 | Fitness, Motivation

Ahead of the gyms re opening this week I am giving you the following 6 pieces of invaluable advice to take on board when embarking on a new weight loss journey.

  • Take that first step (again)
  • Set realistic goals
  • Stay patient
  • Consistency is key
  • Accountability & Honesty
  • Be aware of triggers

Before we get into each one I would like you to read this quote that my client Debbie said to me yesterday during our final outdoor session……



8 weeks ago she was feeling unfit, wishing to lose some weight and feeling pretty crappy after an extended period of poor food choices and lack of exercise.

Fast forward 8 weeks and she admitted just how great she now feels.

So if you have gained weight during the COVID-19 lockdown here are some essential pieces of advice to take on board now you are getting “back on it”.


Take that first step (again):

I touched on this in a recent blog but you may well be feeling a little apprehensive and nervous about stepping back into the gym environment…but remember you are not alone with this feeling and you will no doubt grow in confidence with each workout.

Like most things in life that make you nervous, once you tackle them and get back into a routine you will 100% feel so much better for it. You just have to take that first step again! Don’t procrastinate, just get back to it!


Set realistic goals:

Setting goals for yourself is quite often overlooked but having clarity and a clear vision of what you have to do really does make a big difference to helping you reach your weight loss goals.

We designed a free 3 stage goal setting formula during the lockdown and you can download it here to give you the guidance to set your goals.

Make them realistic to your personal circumstances and review them at the end of each week.


Stay bloody patient!!!!:

Yes I put “bloody” and 4 exclamation marks because this is one of the most frustrating parts of being a PT.

It is important to remember that if you have gained weight you certainly didn’t put that weight on overnight so you certainly won’t lose it overnight either.

It is understandable that you would want to get back to where you were pre lockdown as quickly as possible, but having this mindset will inevitably leave you feeling frustrated.

Don’t step on the scales after 1 or 2 weeks of healthy eating and regular exercise and feel deflated because you are not back to where you wish to be.

If you see losses then this is a good thing, you are on track and moving towards where you want to be. Add up all those good weeks together and you will get there!

Remember Debbies quote again 👆👆👆

You will get back to where you were but I strongly advise you to appreciate that it will take a certain period of time to get to that point.

The time frame will vary from person to person depending on your start point but IT WILL HAPPEN provided you stick at it!

Don’t compare your weight loss journey with anyone’s else’s because we are all different.

Remember weight loss is not rocket science! You just have to think long term and be consistent with it.


Consistency is key:

Here is a quote we include in our Bootcamp pack…

“Achieving your desired fat loss goal requires patience, discipline and determination to your exercise and nutrition over a sustained period of time”

Consistency NOT perfection folks! Expecting to be perfect with your nutrition is unrealistic because let’s face it there is a lot of temptation out there. You will have occasional slip ups with cheat meals or treats but remember that in the grand scheme of things they won’t make too much difference provided you get straight back on it the next day.

I do have to stress that consistency does not mean 5 good days and 2 bad days.

Eating well Monday-Friday and then going mad at the weekend won’t get you anywhere so don’t kid yourself and wonder why you are not progressing if this is you.


Be aware of triggers:


“An action that sets off a negative emotional response that can lead to a catastrophic sequence of events”

Think of it in this way:

  • Action= Eating cake.
  • Negative emotional response= I’ve messed up.
  • Catastrophic sequence of events= Thinking what’s the point so spending the rest of the week eating crap!

Does this sound familiar?

As I pointed out previously, consistency not perfection is key. Be aware of those triggers and if they do happen then box them off straight away and get straight back on it!

This is a conversation I have had so many times with clients and bootcampers and it still amazes me how easily people can give up when this happens.

How many times have you said “I’ll start again on Monday” when you do slip up? It’s like a merry go round right? 🙈

Which brings me around to…


Accountability & Honesty:

Ultimately achieving your weight loss goal comes down to you! As coaches we can give you all the advice and support required but you have to actually follow the plans consistently throughout.

Be honest with yourself and if you have a PT/coach be honest with them because we can only help if you are being truthful.

I’ll let you in on a little secret……

Coaches aren’t idiots! We know when you aren’t being truthful, because as I said previously, weight loss isn’t rocket science. If your body fat levels aren’t coming down it’s because you’re eating too much. Simple!!

Just think where you will be in 8 weeks time of you commit yourself to your goals.

Believe in yourself, stay patient and enjoy the journey.

Have a good week and enjoy being back in that gym environment with your gym buddies 💪.

Kev 😊