Should you exercise whilst on your period?

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Fitness, Motivation

Should you exercise whilst on your periodYou know what I’m talking about girls…those bloody cramps, the fatigue, the drop in mood, the generally just wanting to curl up on the sofa and eat your way through the next 3-5 days.

The gym can seem like the last thing you want to do whilst you are on your period.

Not to mention the days in the run up to your period. Again…the fatigue, the mood swings, the hunger and cravings (goddddd the cravings), the cramps, the backache, the boob ache, the muzzy heads, the nausea.

It’s no walk in the park is it…not like shaving your beard once a week or worrying about wether you’re gonna miss the football game that weekend 🙄. Yes lads…we suffer, you don’t 😜.

Anyhow, as said above, the LAST thing you want to sometimes do is exercise whilst on your period. I get it. From personal experience and experience with other female clients it can be a chore to get up and want to move your body around this time.

But what if I told you…

Exercising before and during your period can actually RELIEVE the feelings/symptoms we experience during mother nature’s monthly gift.

During your period the hormones progesterone and oestrogen are at their lowest causing you to have a dip in energy, however, now is not the time to sit back…exercise can also mean ‘to energise’.

After a workout your body is awake, alert and feeling raring to go, and so are you! No more period to Netflix to just falling asleep.

Aside from this, when you exercise the body has a release of endorphins and serotonin (the happy hormones), hence this lifting your mood and you feeling happier than your were before your workout. No more mood swing!

Also, and my favourite fact to point out, during the first 1-14 days (the follicular phase) of your cycle the release in hormones can cause an increase in muscle strength.

Now would be a perfect time to get in a workout. STRENGTH 💪🏼. Day 15 to 28 (the luteal phase) are where you tend to feel those symptoms creeping in before Mother Nature comes back around 🙄. Take advantage!

I personally track my period/cycle in order to know my body better, I feel more in tune with it and I can recognise what I will benefit from and where.

If I’m hungry/craving a few days before my cycle starts then I will account for more carbs, my body will be grateful for them. If I’m tired and just feeling a bit shitty then I will get my bum to the gym to feel better for moving my body.

And if I’m a bit cranky or moody then Kevin also knows it’s probably best to wipe up his crumbs from the kitchen side before I lose my pre period shit. You get the picture ladies 😂. If you don’t already track your period then give it a try. It helps.

And don’t steer away from exercise or allow your period to control you, embrace it and go with the flow. Quite literally. It will do you more good than you think.

If you found this useful then let me know and give it a share to help your fellow females ♥️.

Have a great day!

Kelly 😊