Quick Fixes

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Fitness, Nutrition

Everybody wants one. Let’s be completely honest. Wether you are wanting to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, lose fat, whatever your sights are set on….if there was a quicker way to do it than eat healthily and put the work in exercise wise every day for the rest of your days…we would all consider it.

If there was a magic pill that did it all, we would all consider buying it 💊.

But the truth of the matter is, there is no magic pill. If there was a way we could get fit and healthy then the government would be onto a bloody good thing of selling us all this ‘quick fix pill’, and obesity wouldn’t be so high.

Which is where company’s can quickly jump onto the ‘quick fix’ wagon and try to trick us all into thinking there is a quicker way of getting the results that we want.

It’s a tactic called ‘social proof’.

‘Social proof’ means that when you scroll through Facebook or Instagram and you see some skinny girl or the Kardashians standing by their kitchen counter half naked, holding a cup of coffee and explaining to us that these half naked results were achieved in 7 days by having one cup a day…(bore off by the way 🙄), that you will totally buy into it because this half naked post has given you the ‘proof’ that it works. If it’s good enough for Kim K it’s good enough for us right?

So let me ask you this…would we buy it if an over weight middle aged lady was selling it as ‘trying’ to lose weight? No, probably not.

It’s a tactic that is used everywhere! Social media, magazines, tv, people that sell this shite by posting text messages from people that have ‘bought’ into their previous ‘social proof’.

It’s is exactly the same as when I post a transformation of a client that has put their time and effort in to exercise, eaten real nutrient dense food and not drank skinny coffee. It’s proves that my methods work. It might have taken longer…but the difference is, my client is healthy on the inside and will sustain those results….unlike the people buying shitty, I mean skinny coffee.

So why is that? Why won’t they sustain what weight they lose with these quick fixes you ask?

Let’s break a few of the different methods down and find out why then .

The weight loss shakes:🥤

These methods work on consuming powdered shakes that you add milk too, along with a few fruits if you fancy it. You have one in the morning and two ‘healthy’ meals a day. Or. You can completely replace your meals for ‘total meal replacement’ shakes and have two of their branded snacks in between such as bars or brownies for example. You can also usually buy the exercise dvd of the person advertising the method too 🙄.

All I see in there though is REPLACING MEALS. You are replacing actual food for powered shakes that amount to around 150kcals-220kcals each.

So if you are having 3 shakes a day at 220 calories each, that totals 660 kcals over the replacement of 3 meals. Add in the two snacks which usually come in around 80ish calories, that’s 880 calories a day. That is how you lose the weight. You are in an EXTREME calorie deficit. Not only does your body require more energy than this to actually function, you risk damaging your metabolism by doing this long term, and once you start eating normally again with wholesome foods that contain more calories…..YOU GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK!! It’s not rocket science is it. But these company’s have now got you right by the balls, because once you gain the weight back you hop on board again to get the ‘quick fix that you know works’.

Cha ching 💰💰 You’ve just been mugged right off.

Skinny coffee: ☕️

One coffee in the morning (recommended along side a healthy diet), claims to reduce weight, boost metabolism, suppress appetite, curb cravings, reduce fatigue, have lasting results, feel visibly thinner in 7 days. And you can feel the difference in just one mug.


Up until the ‘lasting results’ claim above I genuinely thought I was in a Nescafé advert….because that’s what normal sodding coffee does for Christ sake!!! Why do you think people use it as a pre workout in the morning before training, why do you think new mums run at the coffee machine first thing after a night feed, why does your nan have a cuppa if she is feeling peckish…to tie her over until tea time?! Because it’s the same bloody thing!!!!

The only difference with magic coffee is that they claim ‘eating a healthy diet along side will give you better results’.

No way Sherlock?! 😉

I see several posts on my feeds most weeks and they usually go something like this: ‘Oh my god! I’m 3 days in and I can’t believe my results, I’m x amount of pounds down already and all I’ve done differently is cut out my unhealthy snacks, swap my meals for 3 healthier options and take your skinny coffee alongside. I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner! Honestly I can’t believe it!’

I can hun! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Bless your cotton naive socks. You’ve eaten how you should always eat….it’s not the bloody coffee. It’s the real food providing you with the correct nutrients that you need and you’ve lost a shit load of water weight (not even fat in fact), from not eating the junk you would have consumed otherwise. Less calories overall you see. Sack your coffee provider and crack on eating what you are now eating….bet the weight still falls off without the magic…actual weight too👌🏼.

Skinny detox tea: 🌱💩

Do not even get me started on all these Bootea boxes of crap. What an absolute crock. You’ll pay £18 plus for a 14 day ‘teatox’. One cup of daytime tea in the morning, and one cup of night time tea every other night. When instead you could get yourself down to Tesco and pay £4 for a box of Senokot instead 🤦🏻‍♀️. And have the same results.

All these jokers do is send you to the toilet. You lose weight, (again, water not fat), because you are forced to shit yourself! 💩.

All you have to do is read the two main ingredients: Burdock root in the daytime tea, and Senna in the night time tea.

Do I even need to say anymore!

Skinny Jab/injection/pen: 💉

This is a fairly new method that has been advertised by the likes of a TOWIE regular, and an Atomic kitten oldie just of recent. So it must work right?

The skinny jab contains an ingredient called ‘Liraglutide’. Liraglutide suppresses appetite, controls your blood sugars and is (keep reading) only available on prescription.

Our body also produces a hormone called GLP-1. GLP-1 is produced when we eat. It’s aim is to slow down stomach emptying which in turn makes us feel fuller for longer. It helps control blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin release and reducing appetite.

So basically our body’s do the same as the injection then?! Just maybe at a slower rate.
Whaaaaatttt?! Shut up! That’s crazy! Why would someone sell us something that we don’t need?! Well if you havent caught on by now then let me tell you….these company’s along with their liraglutide are clearly having our pants down.

Now the skinny jab will cost you £250+ for a 3-4 week plan. You must take it alongside a ‘LOW CALORIE’ meal plan and increased physical activity. It then ‘MAY’ help some adults with EXCESS weight to lose.

This is actually what I say to all my clients by the way, regardless of what weight they have to lose. If they want to lose weight/fat it’s simple, ‘Calories in vs calories out and move your body more’. (I don’t feel the need to inject them at the end of their pt session either 🙄).

It’s not known wether it is safe to take this skinny jab with other prescription or over the counter medicines, or even other herbal weight loss products.

This is a statement online from a commercially driven company that is selling ‘prescribed’ medication to people who don’t fit the BMI criteria.

Are they that concerned about your overall health and helping you to lose weight if they are selling you something without knowing your background? They don’t give two shits once your coin is in their bank account to be honest.

So going forward from the jab the best advice I can give is to keep your eyes peeled for the next weight loss TOWIE endorsement when this one fails and the ‘next best method’ is advertised 😉.

Look, the top and bottom line is, if it looks like it works, we will all buy into. It’s human nature. We chase the results and the quick fixes if we can.

But they don’t work. Honestly take my word for it. It’s a vicious circle of repeating the same process over and over because it’s not sustainable, it’s being tricked into thinking your morning coffee contains fairy dust and will have you 17lbs lighter by next Tuesday, it’s having you physically crap your way to a flatter stomach, it’s putting you into an unhealthy calorie deficit when you could be in a healthy deficit and have the same results, and it having you jab your arse cheek or whatever when you could eat nutritionally balanced and just move your body more….and shock horror, sustain it.

I have had numerous messages sent to my Instagram inbox a few times from girls that see my profession and think these kinds of products can aid my clients results. I wouldn’t give them to my clients if these bloody reps paid me, offered me a new car, offered me a world wide trip or even to meet John Travolta. And anyone that knows me knows how much I love that man. I just wouldn’t do it. No disrespect at all to the people who sell these products, and this post is in no way personal to any of them. It’s what they are paid to do and they are told the products are amazing. But those messages don’t even get replied too. It’s a waste of time. Don’t let these products be a waste of your time either.

If you take anything away from this blog today, I really hope it’s the realisation that healthy eating, exercise, and fuelling your body the correct way is the only way forward to your goals. It’s harder work than pouring a coffee or a tea, it takes more effort than blending a shake and you won’t have to stick cotton wool or a plaster over your shot wound. But it is so worth it.

Don’t buy into the bullshit and don’t be lazy either. Work hard for what you want. Really hard. Educate yourself, find someone to help educate you and to be accountable to if you need the extra support. And put the effort in. Then you can say you did it on your own….and you didn’t even have to shit yourself for it 😜.

Happy Sunday guys ❤️