Personal Training

Personal training with KM Fitness is a unique opportunity to be trained by two of Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire’s leading transformation coaches.


Why choose KM Fitness?

 “We help men and women achieve life changing physique transformations leading to improved confidence, self esteem and mental health”

We firmly believe how confident a person feels about their body has a huge impact on how confident and happy they are about themselves. It all starts from having that desire to help yourself and taking that step to a healthier, leaner and ultimately more confident version of you.


What happens?

Your journey with us begins with your free consultation. Here we will sit down and discuss your goals, fears and potential personal barriers as well as your exercise and nutrition background.

From here we can breakdown the information and begin to plan out your transformation journey that will be tailored to suit you.

Our experience has taught us that one size certainly does not fit all which is why the exercise and nutrition elements will be tailored to you.

During the consultation we will also inform you of what we will require from you in order for you to achieve your goals. Consistency, commitment, determination and honesty are all essential elements to success.

We will monitor your progress throughout your time with us and our service does not stop at the gym floor. We encourage you to contact us for any help or advice and you will receive weekly check ins to ensure you stay on track.

We take great pride in sharing all of our clients transformation journeys with them and are extremely proud to have positively impacted so many peoples lives.

We do not promises results. We ask that you give full commitment to your training and nutrition throughout. Do this and you guarantee yourself of results. We offer one to one or group PT  programmes. Scroll down for full details or to book your free consultation click here.


Transformation packages

Transformation Packages

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