Patience, how’s yours?

by | Feb 9, 2020 | Fitness, Motivation

‘I did exactly the same as Sheila and her cat next door and at the end of their programme they both had really low body fat percentage, abs and really good glutes and I didn’t….why?! Why isn’t it working?!’


It is working. You have to be patient.

This scenario happens day in and day out, we compare our progress and our results to others all of the time. We always want what someone else has. We aren’t patient people 100% of the time. And it isn’t just patience that is required either. It’s the knowledge and understanding that everybody has a different starting point which will massively impact their results.

So first of all. You have to ask yourself what your goal is, and if the time frame that you are working with is realistic.

Some of the most common phrases that us as pt’s hear day in day out are:

‘When will I lose this fat off my belly?’

‘How long until I have abs?’

‘I just want a six pack?’

‘I want a super tiny waist and big bum’

‘I wish my arms were smaller…and them bits that jiggle at the back, I want that completely gone’

We also get shown photographs of instagram models, edited photos on social media, photoshopped pictures in magazines. You know all that jazz that makes us mere mortals want what sometimes takes a lot longer than advertised…or even still…is impossible.

If you are wanting to lose fat off of your belly and you desperately desire a 6 pack, you need to lose overall body fat. And you also need to be in a pretty ‘leanish’ shape at the start of your process.

So, firstly, let’s come back to Sheila. Sheila and her cat were already pretty lean when they started their programme…Carol that lived next door had a lot of excess body fat and some excess weight to lose. Focusing on abs wasn’t realistic for her…she needed to be focusing on fat loss first of all.

Secondly, Carol was quite new to exercise. Sheila was advanced and had been training for years.

If you are a beginner, with a considerable amount of weight to lose, and eat pretty much what you want when you want, you will not be able to throw yourself into a vigorous exercise regime, a super strict meal plan or the right frame of mind without the occasional slip up. Your process will take a lot longer. Your body isn’t used to what it is about to go through. It needs time to adjust.

It is vitally important to understand that a lot of patience is needed. You will get there. You just have to work your backside off, be realistic, and enjoy the process. You will start to see body shape change, areas become smaller, body fat and weight reduce. And that is progress. So the process is working.

If you are already in good shape, regular at the gym, used to training and eating fairly clean, then your end goal is obviously that little bit closer and that little bit more reachable.

You will start to see all of the above also, with a little more definition, the possibility of some abs and obliques popping through, stronger looking legs and glutes, tighter arms and an overall leaner looking figure.

Now, one of the biggest factors (and why I stated up there 👆🏼 that some results are impossible) is down to genetics. If you don’t have it in your make up, or weren’t blessed by your momma…then you can kiss it goodbye.

Take for example Jennifer Lopez and her glutes (bum) and me and my glutes. Jennifer Lopez has a smaller upper body frame, and larger lower body frame. ‘Pear shape’. She has it in her genetics to have a big bum… she can grow that bum. Because it was already larger to start with. She has a head start.

I have boobs, a smaller lengthier waist, and a flatter bum. I’m a bit more straight up and down. I ain’t ever getting an ass like Jenny from the block. No matter how much I squat, how much I hip thrust, how much I sumo deadlift, it will never be as big as hers. It will grow, it will shape up, it will feel a lot peachier, but good old mother Sue never gave me the ass cheek gene. So I’m not gonna compare my bottom to J-Lo because it’s pointless. I’m gonna focus on what shape I can mould my own 🍑 into instead.

It’s the same for thighs, waist, hips, chest, arms, metabolism, weight management and lots more. We can’t control our genetics, but we can learn to get the most out of our bodies and what they are capable of doing/becoming realistically.

Hormone regulation also plays an important roll. We all have differences in hormones, balanced, imbalanced etc. And they can massively affect progress. That’s a lot more complicated and a lot deeper to go into so that will be for a completely different blog I’m afraid. But it is a point to take note on.

And lastly, the most important factor on how your outcome/results will end up, is your own time and commitment. If you put both of those in alongside every bit of determination and willpower you have, your body will be in the best shape it is capable of being in.


That’s a result right there.

Don’t compare yourself to the lady in the progress photos, the girl standing next to you in the gym, the guy in a fitted top with biceps bigger than my head, girls/guys on social media, Jennifer Lopez and her ass or Sheila and her bloody cat.

Compare you, how you used to look, how you look now, and how you could look. That is all the determination and hard work you will need to spur you on right there 😃

Happy Sunday guys ❤

*If you start out your process largely overweight and end up like Kate Moss in 12 weeks….you ain’t staying at Kate Moss mate, I promise you. It’s not realistic, it’s not sustainable and it’s not healthy either.

**Patience and consistency, time and understanding will result in the best outcome for our own bodies in a realistic amount of time.

***I have no clue who Sheila and Carol are. No Sheilas or Carols were offended during the process of this blog. The names were used to show the patience in one and the impatience in the other. Thanks Sheila and Carol!