Patience… are you showing enough of it?

by | Oct 4, 2020 | Motivation

How many of you are guilty of starting a healthy lifestyle plan but have quit more times than you can count on both your hands and feet?

The way it typically goes is:

1. Gain some weight
2. Think you better do something about it
3. Eat relatively healthy for a week or two
4. Get to the gym and smash out a couple of workouts.
5. Step on the scales and because you haven’t reached your end goal in 2 weeks time…you quit!

Sound familiar?

Guess what……weight/fat loss really isn’t rocket science (yes Iv mentioned this on many occasions) and It doesn’t take a masters degree to spout off fancy terms as to what is required.

It takes the following steps:

1-Exercise more
2-Eat healthier
3-Repeat steps 1 and 2 consistently for a sustained period of time.


A quick fix mentality is without doubt the number 1 stumbling block when it comes to reaching weight loss goals.

People want results ASAP and unfortunately and rather frustratingly are suckered in by one of many shocking quick fix diets out there. Check out one of Kelly’s previous blogs on why to avoid quick fix diets.

Think about it sensibly for a minute…

You didn’t gain weight overnight so why would you even think losing weight overnight is possible?

No one gets ripped in two weeks, so no one is gonna drop a large amount of fat in two weeks either. It’s small steps.

How many of you are in exactly the same position you were in 6/12/18 or even 24 months ago!?

You’re at this point despite promising yourself “this is it, I’m sticking at it!’.

As an adult you do your own food shopping therefore you choose what you consume. You decide what goes from the trolley into your mouth.

You also decide whether to cook or order a fatty grease ridden take away on a Tuesday night.

It is you that decides wether to go to the gym or to go home because you’ve ‘had a hard day’.

At the end of the day, the one thing that the choice always comes down to is ‘do YOU want it bad enough?’

If you do, you will make it work 💯.

Oh and FFS be honest with yourself and your coach/PT if you have one!……

If you have weight to lose then your weight will come down provided you are in a calorie deficit each week through a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

If your weight isn’t coming down and you are STILL in the same position you have been in for some time now then it’s not because you have a slow metabolism, it is not because you are bloated or eating too many carbs. It’s because you are eating too much throughout the week and not being honest with yourself.

The week includes the weekend by the way. Just incase you thought your body would kindly let you off during this time. It won’t. Trust us.

Be accountable, stay patient, put in the graft, eat the right food and keep on going!

☃️Something to consider………

It is 8 weeks until December Just think of the progress you could make by then if you make that start now! Don’t wait until January 🐑.

Consistency is the key folks 👌🏼.

It’s really that simple 😊.