Online training


The KM Fitness online transformation programmes:

“We help men and women achieve LIFE CHANGING physique transformations leading to improved confidence, self esteem and mental health”


Male and Female FAT LOSS programmes:

Do you feel DEMOTIVATED to exercise leaving you frustrated and LOW IN CONFIDENCE?

Do you find it difficult to stay DICSIPLINED with your nutrition for a SUSTAINED period of time?

Do you feel in an ENDLESS CYCLE of trying to lose weight but can’t seem to MAINTAIN it?


If these questions trigger an emotional response from you then our online FAT LOSS programme is the programme for you!


We have a combination of over 15 years experience in helping people lose weight and we will be implementing all of our knowledge and experience to ensure that you will receive the expert guidance, support and mentoring throughout.


Your nutrition and exercise programmes will be designed to suit you and all we ask from you is your trust, patience and commitment throughout. Do this and you will achieve your fat loss goals.


Male and Female PHYSIQUE programmes:

Are you already in decent shape but are looking to take your physique to the NEXT LEVEL?

Are you relatively experienced in the gym but feel like you need that EXPERT GUIDANCE to help you achieve your DREAM PHYSIQUE?

Do you want to reduce your body fat to the kind of level for everyone to see the holy grail OF VISIBLE ABS?


If you answered yes to the above questions then our PHYSIQUE transformation programme is the one for you!


We will be implementing our proven strategies and formulas used on our gym floor clients to ensure our physique programmes deliver the same amazing results.


You will receive training and nutrition plans specifically tailored to you from the outset which will be closely monitored and adjusted each week to ensure that you are making the progress that will deliver you that dream physique at the end of your time with us.