The Fit4Xmas 8 week online fat loss programme

I would 1 million percent recommend KM Fitness. The knowledge they both have shows in the results they get.
Lauren Grainger

Many have commented on the results that I have achieved, which I could not have done without Kev’s advice & support, but most importantly he has given me back my self-confidence and I now have a whole new wardrobe of smaller clothes.
Michelle Holdcroft

How I feel now compared to the start of the year is amazing! I feel more confident, fitter and stronger. I would 100% recommend KM Fitness as the results they consistently produce speak for themselves
Ben Jackson

Kev has gone above and beyond from start to finish and you can tell its not just a job to Kev but his passion! He said to me give me your full trust and commitment throughout and you will get unreal results.
Adam Conway

Why choose the Fit4Xmas 8 Week FAT LOSS programme?

This is your opportunity to get in your best possible shape for Xmas party season

Do you feel DEMOTIVATED to exercise leaving you frustrated and LOW IN CONFIDENCE?
Do you find it difficult to stay DISCIPLINED with your nutrition for a SUSTAINED period of time?
Do you feel stuck in an ENDLESS CYCLE of trying to lose weight but can’t seem to MAINTAIN it?
Do you feel UNCOMFORTABLE in your clothes but can’t seem to find the MOTIVATION to make the necessary steps to change?
Do you lack the ACCOUNTABILITY required for you to stay focused for any length of time?
If this is YOU then this programme is for YOU!

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Programme details


  • Once we receive your completed Par Q your mentor will breakdown the information you provide and plan out your FAT LOSS journey with us.


  • Your exercise plans will be gym based and designed to maximise fat loss


  • You will receive your Nutrition pack which will outline in detail how to follow it. 


  • You will be asked to complete a weekly check in sheet and return it back to your mentor at the end of each week. This enables us to closely monitor how you are progressing and provide the required level of support


  • MOST IMPORTANTLY you will be investing yourself into a KM Fitness transformation programme. We have a proven track record of CONSISTENTLY helping people achieve LIFE CHANGING FAT LOSS TRANSFORMATIONS. Give us your full trust and commitment and in 8 weeks time you will 100% be glad you signed up!


Please be advised we do not promise results. We ask that you give your full commitment to your training and nutrition throughout the 8 weeks . Do this and you guarantee yourself of results.