No gym, no problem!

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Fitness, Motivation

Given the current situation going on around the world I thought that today’s blog could bring positivity, light and laughter to make us all smile during the uncertainty that surrounds us 🌈.

I say laughter because let’s face it…even during quarantine…I’m gonna aim for funny!

On Friday night big boss Boris without a hairbrush ordered for gyms and other facilities to close. And rightly so. High five to the man. We should all be doing what we can at this present time to keep ourselves, our family’s and the human population safe. By staying in you are 100% saving lives ❤.

But how do I gym you say? How do I keep motivated? How do I not eat all the food and become a couch potato? How do I maintain all of my hard work?


Keep moving is simply the answer.

Whilst we are stuck indoors it’s gonna be very hard to keep laziness at bay. We are gonna have good productive days, bad boring days, days we wanna lock the kids in the shed, days we wanna lock our other half in the shed 🤪, days we wanna lock ourselves in the shed (well not me personally because there are spiders in the shed!). And days we just ponder on when normal life will return.
It’s gonna be very hard not to slip into a rut of feeling bored out of our brains and sorry for ourselves.

But the one thing that we can ALL do to keep ourselves feeling POSITIVE, UPLIFTED, FIT and HEALTHY…is to MOVE.

We all have a living room, we all have a kitchen and we all have a garden or access to the outdoors. These places just became your new gym facility for however long sees fit until the world starts turning again.

One thing that all human beings have in common is an imagination 💭. Like you know when you were younger and you used to dance with your hairbrush in the mirror and imagine you were a spice girl?!
Or lads when you used to kick the ball around the garden aiming for top corner thinking you were Gerrard? (I was gonna say Beckham but I will defo be in that shed living with an lfc fan).
Well now we can all just ‘imagine’ we are Arnold pumping iron or getting a sweat on in the gym….in our homes or gardens. It doesn’t have to be boring, let your inner kid take charge.

Your imagination isn’t just for playing dress up either, it’s for inventing new ways to get fit and healthy without using the equipment you would usually use.

What’s wrong with squatting your child? Nothing 😃

What’s wrong with pressing milk bottles?
Nothing 😃

What’s wrong with sprinting along the field and doing burpees at the end of it? As long as you are alone and no one is at risk)…
Then nothing 😃

There’s no pasta or bread on the shelves…so we buy other things. Hell there was no chicken breast yesterday! Are they in quarantine too?! But you get the picture. There’s no gym, so we use other resources 💪🏼.

On Friday night at about 5.15pm my whole world was turned upside down. When Boris called shut on all gym facilities as a small family run business of two personal trainers, I’m sure you can appreciate that both me and my husband wondered what the hell we were going to do going forward. Along with millions of other people too.

I myself had a little ugly cry sitting on the loo with my head in my hands. My phone was going ten to the dozen with messages of support and questions from clients and friends. I gave it time to sink in and then put my phone away. Time to clear my head, have a little think about going forward and put some plans into action. I woke up yesterday with a clear head and a fresh mindset.

I have always said that bumps in the road are there to bring out positives. And this situation is no different. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more motivated to help my clients who are also in the same situation to move their bodies and keep their minds positive.

Exercise is the best remedy for all sorts of different things. Stress, mental health, health and fitness to name but a few.

So that’s the remedy that I am going to put forward to overcome this virus situation.

As a family of four we got outside in the garden yesterday to complete a Metafit 22 minute Hiit workout. Two of us exercised, one kid kicked the football at us, the other kid danced around in between us and we all had bloody good fun out in the fresh air.

Something that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU can do!

I felt that good that I did it again in the kitchen this morning! I had a kid that demanded I squat jump with him (he’s now in that shed), I worked my bum off because I knew how it made me feel yesterday, I pushed myself because I know it’s important for my mind and my health, and I enjoyed keeping my same routine of exercise. The heating was also left on…so I now resemble the little girl that crawls out the tv in the movie ‘The Ring’.

And this is also something that we are going to put forward to our clients. A community of people who all enjoy the same thing, who all have the routine of exercise in common, who all have an imagination and a new gym place to use, and of who can all do this TOGETHER.

By keeping yourself fit, you will keep yourself sane. By keeping yourself healthy you will keep your body in check. By working hard you will have more motivation to eat the nutritious foods and stay on track during quarantine. And by moving your body you will still be raring to go when the real gym doors reopen whenever that may be.

Keep moving, not just for your body, but for yourself as a whole. You will thank yourself for it.

In however many months to come when all of this madness has passed, it will be a memory that we all remember. Make it good memory 🌈.

Stay in your home, stay safe, enjoy the precious time with your family, use the time you have at home to put positive plans into place.

And wash your hands, singing happy birthday if it helps.

Happy beautiful Sunday guys ❤.