My two year journey

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Motivation

Kev's Transformation​“Since I placed improving my physique as a high priority in my life I can honestly say all other aspects of my life and business development have also improved”

From a very early age I have always been an active physical person. This stems from a sporting background in sports such as boxing, football and cricket.

I inevitably followed this up with being a regular gym goer from my teenage years which would lead me to the career I absolutely love to do to this day.

The first photo from October 2018 is perhaps the worse shape I had ever been in and although I’m aware I was far from a heart attack waiting to happen I was still far from being in the kind of shape I had been up to that point.

The crazy thing is i genuinely thought I looked ok. I remember regular views in the mirror with the best lighting at home (we’ve all got one), checking from the best angles to reassure myself I look ok and asking Kelly for reassurance.

She of course always told me I look fine….it would be a brave wife to say otherwise, right? I kind of wish she had told me honestly now haha!

So when exactly did the “slippery slope” to a fluffy dad bod begin?

Well the hint to this answer is in the question above.

Up until my son was born in June 2016 I had always kept myself in good shape, but the birth of Mason of course put everything into perspective and from the day he was born up until October 2018 my physique had taking a huge fall down the pecking order in terms of priority.

I regularly missed training sessions after work so I could get home to be with the fam and when I did train the sessions barely made me sweat. I was quite literally going through the motions.

Throw into the mix the fact I was running two businesses and having a young family, it was my physique that suffered.

How many of you dads can relate I wonder?

Fortunately at the time I was teaching upto 10 spin and Metafit classes each week which kept my weight down, but my physique was suffering.

My biggest Inspiration previously had always been the annual lads holidays. Looking good for the ibiza photos (shades on) with the lads was a priority. I couldn’t exactly let standards drop from the previous year could I!

By the time of my last trip to ibiza I had met Kelly and Myles and although I hated to admit it my regular ibiza days were done.

Having to leave the club early on the last night due to a stiff back was when I told myself “I think I’m done”

The look of disbelief on Marv’s face when I told him I was having to leave the club early is also quite amusing to look back on.

Meeting Kelly was of course a huge game changer for me in terms of priority’s and focus in my life and now my biggest motivation was to provide for my new family.

The question was would I ever find the motivation and desire to take my training serious again?

I had become a serial procrastinator! Telling myself……”I’ll kick back in properly next week”

I know lots of you can relate to that, right?

So what was the main underlying factor that got be back on track?…….


By that I mean being accountable to someone or a group of people.

I decided to sigh up to True grits 8 week physique programme and put it out on their on social media from the start for everyone to be aware of.

This way I knew I had to stick at it and I certainly couldn’t fail!

As a coach who prides himself on helping clients achieve great results that would be pretty dam embarrassing!

I had basically made myself accountable to all of my social media followers and it worked.

By the end of the 8 weeks I achieved brilliant results and felt amazing, not only for how I looked but for how I felt in myself.

I felt more confident in my appearance, more positive, energised and all around mind set had improved.

Every aspect of my life had improved and it was all down to improving my physique.

How I felt by being in better shape physically and mentally made me realise just how important exercise and healthy eating is to me, especially for helping me function to my full potential in my personal and business life.

You can ask anyone who has undergone any form of physique improvement and they will testify the positive impact it had had in their life.

In the past 2 years I have continued to look after my physique by training regularly, and eating healthy. That’s not to say I don’t pull away and enjoy myself for holidays, Xmas, nights away etc because I still love a good social event like I always have.

The important factor is I have always got straight back at it to keep things in a good place physique wise.

I have also continued to educate myself along the way by reading and listening to countless audible books on physique building.

As many of you will be aware myself and Kelly signed upto M10s 8 week online physique programme at the end of last year to not only achieve great results but also to learn and develop our knowledge.

My goal for the M10 programme was to achieve a body fat percentage below 10% for the first time.

We also booked a photo shoot before the programme started which also gave us that added incentive to reach our goals.

My final number was 6% and I also retained all of my lean tissue which as results left me in the best shape I had ever been in.

Physique building is a huge passion for both of us and something that we take great pride in for ourselves and our amazing clients.

It is our hobby as much as it is our profession, which is why we have both hired our own coach to start this year off.


If your current body weight or shape makes your unhappy and has a big negative impact in your life then you owe it to yourself to prioritise making improvements in your life.

Absolutely everyone can achieve their goals and it really is a case of prioritising it in your life and staying bloody patient!!!

I will close on this piece of advice……IF you have either been procrastinating on “taking that first step” or stop started on several occasions in the past few years then you need the same thing that made all the difference for me……..


Hire a coach or a PT with a consistent reputation of getting results with their clients over a sustained period of time. They will mentor and support your throughout your journey.

Treat it as an investment into helping you achieve something that will have a huge positive impact in your life.

You will be 100% glad that you did.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how KM Fitness can help you achieve your goals then feel free to drop us a DM or check out our amazing clients testimonials by clicking the link below.