Is there a timeframe to achieving your fat loss goals?

by | May 31, 2020 | Fitness, Motivation

How many of you are guilty of asking any one of these questions in the pursuit of your goals…?.

“How long will it take me to get a six pack?”.

“How long will it be until this fat gone?”(pinches belly button fat).

“How can I lose weight as quickly as possible?”.

“How long would it take me to look like that”? (referring to a transformation photo).

The first factor to consider is your own individual starting point.

For example, if your goal is to be as lean as possible but you are considerably and visually over weight with very little exercise background then your journey will of course take longer.

If you are at this stage then it is completely unrealistic to think you can jump straight into a vigorous training routine and a super strict nutrition plan when you are coming straight from a dominos pizza and a crate of carling on the sofa every evening. You inevitably won’t stick at it because it was too much too soon.

Patience, understanding and a complete rethink with your mindset on how you approach fat loss is vital if you are going to achieve your goals.

You must understand that you will have occasional slip ups such as holidays, xmas, birthdays etc, these are only side steps towards your goals and they will only become backwards steps if you quit!

How many of you are guilty of having a blip and then going off the rails? When you think about it this is really silly because one slip up in the grand scheme of things won’t make a difference. One healthy meal won’t get you lean…one slip up won’t ruin all progress.


So what is your end goal?

It may be that you just want to lose a certain amount of weight and improve your confidence and fitness. Not everyone’s end goal is to have a cover model physique like we see on Instagram every day.

The basic fundamentals of weight loss are actually very simple. Unless you have ‘genuine’ underlying health issues then it really is a case of exercising more and eating healthier more consistently. Calories in versus calories out.

A big problem is that it has been overcomplicated through years of fad diets which exploit people’s desires to achieve results as quickly as possible by offering ‘quick fix’ solutions….does this sound familiar?

This leads me to another big problem in the pursuit of weight loss…..people in general are just too bloody impatient and give up too easily!

It really is a question of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ you achieve your weight loss goals. All you have to do is look in the mirror and remind yourself that you didn’t get to the point you are at now overnight so you certainly won’t lose the weight overnight.

Approach exercise and healthy eating as a priority in your life and apply it consistently every week, don’t go off the rails if you have a slip up and don’t let anyone, including yourself convince you that it isn’t important to you because deep down you know it is and by quitting you are taking the easy option.


Another important factor is one of my favourite words….ACCOUNTABILITY!

A study by the ASTD (I googled it) found that you are 65% more likely to achieve your goals when you hold yourself accountable to someone. That’s a big statistic and a big reason as to why holding yourself accountable to someone will make a huge difference.

This is where having a good coach or mentor with experience and knowledge on these situations helps.

Here at KM fitness we set and agree goals with all our clients during their initial consultation and have weekly check ins to ensure they stay on track. This has resulted in many incredible transformations which we are extremely proud of. (direct to testimonials section).

We appreciate the importance of accountability so strongly advise that you factor it into your goal setting plans.

Just think where you could be in 6 months time and then again in 12 months time if you start now! It really is a simple process. You just have to get started and be patient.

Kev 😊

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