How strong is your support network?

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Motivation, Fitness

Ok so this may be a bit of a controversial subject and it may even hit a few nerves with some people, but it is something that has a big influence on an individual achieving and maintaining any kind of physical or physiological transformation.

From my experience of training people it is no surprise that the people who not only achieve the best transformations BUT most important maintain what they have achieved are those who have a supportive and understanding support network.

So by strong support network I refer to immediate family members and closest friends.

Firstly, signing upto something new, especially gym related can be a nervy experience for a lot of people, but the rewards that come from achieving your goals can be life changing….Improved confidence, self esteem, fitness and physique improvements……if you know you know.

To be able to achieve and maintain this, having those closest to you helping and supporting you along the way is vital. It is always an added bonus if they are on a similar mission as you or have undergone similar in the past, but it is not essential.

Encouragement and understanding for what you are doing goes a long way, especially when it comes from those closest to you.

Again this may hit a few nerves, but insecurities in those closest to you can start to show when you start to improve your physique and confidence.

Unfortunately some people feel better about themselves when those closest to them are at a certain “comfort zone” with them. Once they start to step out of that zone it can make them feel uncomfortable and criticism can creep in.

Unfortunately some networks can’t be avoided. This usually occurs at work……

Sound familiar….

“What ya eating that for”

“Live a little”

“Your obsessed”

“Go On have one, it won’t hurt you” (Xmas chocolates in November)

These are just examples of course but I’m sure you can relate. People tend to criticise what they either don’t understand or are not prepared to do themselves.

if you have experienced this from someone in your circle, smile, nod and carry on with what you were doing anyway.

So to conclude. If someone close to you is doing something out of his/her comfort zone, supporting them goes a long way. I’m sure they will be doing it to improve themselves in one or a number of aspects.