Fat Loss: Do you value it enough?

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Fitness, Motivation

During last summer’s lockdown I completed Mark Coles’ Brand Impact Mastery course. At the start of the course he asked me to answer a few questions which enabled me to identify the 3 things I value the most in my life.

The questions centred around what I think about, care about and talk about the most every day. Basically what means the most to me.

I identified my 3 highest values as the following:

1️⃣ Family (wife & kids)

2️⃣ Business growth

3️⃣ Personal physique (nutrition & training)

This simple task provided me with so much more clarity and perspective towards helping me achieve my daily, weekly and yearly goals.

My values are what drive me every day and I ensure everything I do is linked to them. You will also notice that all 3 of them in a way are linked in together.

I ensure the large majority of my actions are centred around my 3 values and if I start veering away from them or find myself getting distracted then I remind myself how important they are.

I don’t wish to elaborate too much more on just how much identifying my values has helped me because I want this post to be aimed at helping you!…….

So, let’s use fat loss as a typical example because let’s face it, most people in the last 12 months have struggled to keep a check on their weight due to the pandemic, and stats show obesity is on the rise in the UK.

Answer these questions….

  • Do you regularly “think about” losing weight?

  • Do you regularly procrastinate about making lifestyle changes to lose weight?

  • Do you regularly look in the mirror and “wish” you could be leaner?

  • Do you regularly feel uncomfortable in your clothes?

  • Do you regularly “talk about” trying to lose weight to friends or family?

If you answered yes to one or any of these questions then I can tell you now that weight loss is a high VALUE in your life, and you 100% owe it to yourself to do something about it!!

So what’s stopping you!?….

The lockdown?? Covid??

Come on!!! You can’t keep using that as an excuse! Ultimately IF your current body shape does make you feel negatively about yourself and you answered yes to the questions above then it is a high VALUE in your life and you should stop giving yourself reasons not to take action!

Their are of course other factors that come into play when trying to lose weight…

  • Lack of Knowledge

  • Lack of Confidence

  • No Accountability

  • Support network

  • Lack of Patience

  • Individual time frame

I would suggest if you feel you lack in some or all of these factors then you invest in a coach/PT to support and guide you.

We are currently running an online  bootcamp, an online fat loss programme and checking in with our gym floor clients each week, and the large majority of them have made amazing progress this year….even during a lockdown!

This is because they decided that improving their physique was a high VALUE in their life and decided to invest themselves into our programmes.

By doing that we help improve all of the above bullet points that are crucial to achieve their goals.

Take my advise on this…..Approaching weight loss “half arsed” by yourself will inevitably lead to failure.

I will finish on this…..

I am an incredibly strong believer that how confident a person feels about their current physique plays a huge role in all other important aspects of their life.

If you have been able to strongly relate to this blog then you owe it to yourself to place your physique as a high VALUE in your life and do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goal.

As always feel free to drop us a DM if you have any questions about what I have spoke about.

Best wishes

Kev 😊