Comparing your progress

by | Oct 11, 2020 | Fitness, Motivation

How many of you can put your hands up and and say that you have compared your progress to somebody else’s progress at least once?!

I bet the majority of you.

It’s normal. We are humans after all. We see somebody else doing really well and we are of course happy for them…but then there’s always that little devil called comparison that creeps out and makes us wonder ‘Why can’t I do that?!’, ‘Why has she lost weight quicker than me?’, ‘Ive been doing this for as long as he has and he’s progressing way faster than me! Why?!’.

Well first off. STOP IT.

You simply cannot compare your progress to another person…because you aren’t that person. You are you.

You yourself are a 1 in 7.8 billion little bundle of DNA that isn’t the same as anyone else,(unless you are an identical twin of course), because you are your own make up of said DNA, cells and genetics. You are individual to YOU.

Secondly considering the above, there are thousands upon thousands of variables between you and the person you are comparing yourself to. You will have your own individual make up that determines where you store fat, how quickly you lose that fat, how much of it you can store, how much muscle you have, how well you can build muscle, where your muscles are placed, even how they look. How your bones mould your frame, how wide or narrow your hips are, how tall or short you are, what colour eyes you have, the size of your feet. The list is bloody endless. It’s like arguing with a brick wall called science.

You could have two females, (I’ve said it before and I’ll use the example again), one with a frame like mine, and one with a frame like Jennifer Lopez. I’m petite with a flat ass and big boobs, and J-lo has a huge bum with wider hips and small boobs. Polar opposites. I could get my ass (pun intended) in the gym 7 days a week, lift all of the weight I could and work so hard on building my glutes…but it is NEVER going to be as big as Jenny’s from the block because it’s not in my genetics to have glutes like she has.
Now, I can mould it and build it to the best of its own ability…but I certainly won’t dwell on the fact that my behind can’t look like her behind…because it’s pointless. And I certainly can’t widen my hips like her can I! It’s bloody bone! Just like Jennifer L will never have boobs like mine unless she goes under the knife.

GENETICS. You can’t argue with them.

Secondly. You can’t compare your journey to another persons journey either.

It’s like comparing one chapter of a story from 1 book. And another chapter of another story from a different book. And reading from two different authors in two different languages.

Harry Potter is never going to throw the bloody ring in the fire and save The Hobbits, and The Hobbits will never get to wing there wand in the direction of Voldermort….because 1…that’s not their story, and 2 they are on different paths! Similar paths yes, but also very different.

(Really pleased at my comparison here btw 🤣).

You simply don’t know when one person started their journey compared to your journey. Their 12months might only be 12 weeks for you right now. You may be a beginner and they may be level 99 and been at it for half of their life.

What you really should be doing if you are going to compare, is compare yourself to YOU!

Compare to last week, last month, last year. Compare photos. Compare the way you feel. You’ll surprise yourself at how different things can seem when you do this. You’ll find self praise becomes a thing. You’ll find that you feel proud of yourself more often. You’ll notice change a lot quicker because you are looking at yourself and not anybody else.

You are your own miracle. Own it. And embrace it.

That’s what Harry Potter did…and look where his author ended up 😉.

Happy Sunday guys ❤️