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Why choose bootycamps?

Kelly’s Bootcamps have been running since 2016 and have presented some wonderful and inspiring transformations. With the recent make over of bootcamp and its own transformation into ‘bootycamp’ it became a new and improved female only programme.

Kelly prides her bootycamps on being a fun enjoyable experience, in a welcoming environment, with sustainable results all alongside women supporting other women.

It is understood that everybody has a different starting point and different fitness levels, as well as a different range of exercise experience. Kelly offers a no pressure approach and around the clock support to ensure that your time on bootycamp is one that you will enjoy and learn from as well as produce some great progress towards hitting your goals.

As the saying goes ‘you cannot out train a bad diet’. With that in mind, you will not be following a ‘diet’ as such but instead changing your approach to nutrition and learning new habits to incur ‘lifestyle changes’. Kelly provides a wide range of delicious meals for you to choose from during your time on bootycamp allowing you to keep your taste buds alive whilst nourishing your body at the same time.

Exercise of course is the second element of bootycamp. The workouts and personal training group session have a main focus of posterior chain/lower body work allowing you to target one of the bodies largest muscle groups, alongside cardiovascular and ab accessory work. You will be provided with training plans to complete in your own time either inside the gym or in the comfort of your own home. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own fitness level whilst pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone to achieve maximum results.


2020 bootycamp dates

  • Dates under review due to COVID-19

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Still need convincing?

Check out the testimonials of those who started their journey on Kev’s bootcamps and see if you can’t be inspired.