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Why choose KM bootcamps?

KM boot camps have seen so many inspiring transformations since they launched in June 2015.

One of the key elements to this success is the no pressure approach both Kevin and Kelly use for everyone who signs up. They appreciate and understand that everyone has different fitness levels and starting a new exercise regime can be a very daunting experience. This is something they are aware of and they make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable from the beginning.

You will be exercising at your own level with no pressure to compete with anyone other than yourself. You will be encouraged each week to push that little bit harder as your fitness and confidence builds.

You will not be asked to go on a silly diet with drastically reduced calories and boring food choices. What you will be doing is following the bootcamp fundamentals specifically laid out which allows flexibility and most importantly a nutrition method that is sustainable.

Yes you will be cleaning up your diet and making healthy food choices but this is done through choosing from over 60 tasty meals and snacks from the bootcamp pack.

You will be assigned either Kevin or Kelly as your own personal mentor throughout and you will be encouraged to contact them at any point throughout the camp.

We are strong believers that receiving the right support and encouragement as well as education is essential to achieving your fat loss goals. We provide you with all 3 throughout so provided you commit to the programme you will achieve life changing results.

A private facebook community group is set also up for every camp so every individual is able to support and encourage each other throughout as well as to receive regular advice and VLOGS from Kevin and Kelly. A healthier, fitter, more confident version of yourself can be achieved in just 8 weeks and all you have to do is take that first step.




  • Summer bootcamps: £95 (equivalent of just £1.69 per day!)
  • Winter bootcamps: £95 (equivalent of just £1.69 per day!)



2021 bootcamp dates (all 8 weeks)

  • Sunday 10 January – Sunday 28 February – FULLY BOOKED
  • Sunday 18 April – Wednesday 9 June
  • Sunday 18 July – Wednesday 8 September
  • Sunday 17 October – Sunday 5 December

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Still need convincing?

Check out the testimonials of those who started their journey on KM bootcamps and see if you can’t be inspired.

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