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Why choose KM bootcamps?

Kevin’s boot camps have seen an incredible success rate since he launched them in June 2015.

One of the key elements to this success is the no pressure approach he uses for everyone who signs up. He appreciates and understands that we all have different fitness levels and starting a new exercise regime can be a very nervy experience. This is something Kevin is aware of and makes sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable from the beginning.

You will be exercising at your own level with no pressure to compete with anyone other than yourself. You will be encouraged each week to push that little bit harder as your fitness and confidence builds.

You wont be asked to go on a silly diet with drastically reduced calories and boring food choices. What you will be doing is following the bootcamp fundamentals laid out by Kevin which allows flexibility and most importantly a nutrition method that is sustainable.

Yes you will be cleaning up your diet and making healthy food choices but this is done through choosing from over 60 tasty meals and snacks from the bootcamp pack.


2020 bootcamp dates

  • Sunday 5 January – Sunday 23 February
  • Sunday 19 April – Sunday 10 June
  • Sunday 19 July – Sunday 9 September
  • Sunday 11 October – Sunday 29 November

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Still need convincing?

Check out the testimonials of those who started their journey on Kev’s bootcamps and see if you can’t be inspired.