by | Apr 5, 2020 | Motivation

Lockdown. Two weeks in and who knows
how many more to go.

The majority of us will have had mixed emotions over these past two weeks, feelings of anxiousness, boredom, strange feelings that we can’t even explain. Up days, down days. Days we can’t be bothered. Days we are super motivated with life.

And amongst all of those feelings we have to try and find a balance.

Because we have to balance these feelings the best we can for as long as we can.

Yes this is a fitness blog, so there is always going to be some kind of exercise element to it. But exercising your mind is just as important as exercising your body.

This past two weeks I have exercised every single day. Not always vigorous exercise, sometimes just a really long walk, sometimes a steady banded glute workout, sometimes a core workout. Other days I’ve done a Metafit or a hiit workout and got a big sweat on.

Some days I’ve been raring to go for those workouts, some days I literally could not be bothered. On the days I couldn’t be bothered I made sure I 100% got off my bottom and moved my body. It might have taken me a bit longer than the days I’m raring to go but it still got done.

It’s so easy when we are having those days where we don’t know what we are feeling that we try and balance those feelings out by doing something counter productive. It ALWAYS lifts the mood. And guaranteed you are more than likely to do it again the following day because you feel better 🌈.

It goes hand in hand with you not only looking after your mind but looking after your body at the same time. It also goes hand in hand with being mindful about the nutrition element. Whilst we are exercising we are more than likely going to want to eat the foods that are more nutritious for us too.

Now don’t get me wrong, during lockdown I’ve been partial to a pot noodle, Cadbury’s caramel, nachos, a biscuit here and there. But because I’ve been moving my body it’s encouraged me to make sure the majority of my main meals are healthier options 😃🙌🏼.

It’s just the way the mind works ☺️.

And I can’t stress enough how important looking after your mind during this time is.

The feelings that we will all feel during this time are completely normal. Being stuck in doors is enough to send even a bloody care bare round the bend. And they are always happy aren’t they.

Try and take positives from the situation, think about the time you are getting to spend with your family that you wouldn’t usually. The fact that your children would never get the amount of hours in the day with you that they are getting now. Given I’m sure they will drive us to insanity at some point…but they will be loving the time and love that you can give to them ❤️.

Those of you on your own at home, wack Netflix on and binge watch a series that you haven’t seen before. Have a pamper. Have a brew over FaceTime with your friends. Do a workout over FaceTime with your friends. I’ve done both of those last options and it’s so lovely to do something normal in a not so normal situation.

Take in the scenery (as good as it can get in Stoke 🤣) on your daily walks/run. Discover new places and adventures that you haven’t walked to before. I’m nettled and scratched from walking to the top of the hill in forest park, (Kevin’s bright idea), I’m nettled and bloody scratched from climbing a wall to get back to our side of Burslem cemetery, (another of Kevin’s bright ideas). My white converse are covered in mud from all of the above….but I burnt off calories and felt so much better for getting out of the house 😃.

Just try to keep busy. And keep your body moving. It’s the best medicine for any human. Those little things called endorphins have a lot to answer for 🌈.

I would usually say happy Sunday folks…but who even knows what day it is anymore! 

So happy whatever you are doing at this moment, enjoy your exercise, use your imagination, stay positive, smile, wash your hands, stay safe and go move your butts ❤️