Are you still waiting for the gyms to reopen?

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Fitness, Motivation

If you are then answer me these 3 questions.

1️⃣ Do you currently feel uncomfortable in your clothes?

2️⃣ Do you regularly look in the mirror and “wish” you were leaner?

3️⃣ Do you regularly tell yourself something along these lines………

”I’ll have one last takeaway this weekend then I’m getting “back on it” Monday”.

If you answered yes to these questions then as I talked about last week it’s quite obvious YOU DO place your health and fitness as a HIGH VALUE in your life!

So the big question is……


You may well have “stop started” on a few occasions already this year or even since the first lockdown last summer but have always struggled to maintain the consistency to progress for any length of time.

From my experience of interacting with hundreds of people since March last year here are the top 5 reasons I have found to be the biggest:

1️⃣ No Gym

2️⃣ Boring body weight home workouts

3️⃣ No motivation

4️⃣ No Holiday (goal)

5️⃣ No Coach/PT (accountability)

You will notice all 5 of these literally blend in together. Let me explain…

Anyone who places the gym as a high value in their life knows just how important it is to their physical and mental health.

The feel good factor that comes from lifting weights, smashing your circuit class, completing your WOD, doing your favourite spin class and just generally being around like minded people really is an amazing feeling, and I know so many of you can relate to this.

Since March last year it really has been “stop start” for everything! Including having “NO GYM”.

I initially embraced the summer lockdown last year. I did 2 live workouts per week as well as my own workouts and running. Inevitably though despite my best efforts it was incredibly hard to stay motivated to do “BORING BODY WEIGHT HOME WORKOUTS” all the time!

This of course leads to little or “NO MOTIVATION” to train. Incidentally the only two workouts I looked forward to the most were the 2 live workouts I did every week throughout the summer lockdown simply because I was “accountable” to everyone that was expecting it from me.

And of course most of us had “NO HOLIDAY” to look forward to last year or this years as things stand. Their is nothing like a summer holiday to give us the motivation to fit into your bikini or speedos 😬.

So how can you finally get yourself back on track?….

If you follow our page you will have seen all of the amazing progress our clients have made since the start of the year.

Like most people who care about their health, fitness and let’s face it …waist lines, they decided they were not going to take the easy option of waiting for the lockdown to end so they can use the gym again.

What is the difference between them and you you may ask?……

They have us! They have “ACCOUNTABILITY” to us and each other!

Yes they are still training from home and they don’t have access to a gym and probably no holidays are booked but what they do have is an incredibly close support group who interact with each other every day inside the private Facebook groups.

They share food photos and updates on their workouts, as well as locations they have been to do get their daily step targets in.

Our online clients complete an in depth daily check in form and send it to us at the end of every week. We encourage them to contact us at any point throughout the week and we are on hand if they need any extra support or guidance.

They decided they weren’t waiting for the gyms to reopen anymore and took back control!

Are you ready to take back control?

Click here for details of our 8 week online FAT LOSS programme and how you can APPLY to sign up.

Kind regards

Kev 😊