Are you really focused and ‘ON IT’ 100% though?

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Fitness, Motivation

When it’s comes to any from of progress or transformation wether it be for fat loss, hypertrophy or strength there is a MASSIVE difference between ‘yes I’m doing it’ and ‘yea man I’m 100% on it’!.

As coaches we hear about and see different levels of focus day in day out.

We can always tell the difference between someone who is just ‘focused and doing it’ and someone who is ‘focused and 100% on it!’.


Focused and doing it:

Following your programme but only about 70%, you miss meals, you guess the weight or portion of your foods somedays, you have a treat here and there that you don’t track or that hasn’t been recommended because ‘it won’t hurt just this once’, you miss workouts, you don’t follow your training plan properly, you fit things in where you can and if you can’t you tell yourself you will catch up another day.

Sometimes you don’t even do what your coach has asked of you. But you still think you are focused and doing it because at least you are doing ‘something’.


Being focused and 100% on it:

Absolutely everything you do it’s 100%. You schedule in your workouts, you weigh every single bit of food to the gram, you never miss a meal or a workout. You record your sessions down to the reps, the sets, the overload. You make everything asked of you your number 1 priority and don’t let anything stand in your way.

You VALUE the process because of the progress it will bring you.

The people that are 100% on it are ALWAYS the successors.

Ask yourself which category you fall into…and be honest with yourself when answering it.

When you are scrolling through social media and you see transformations of people getting into bloody good shape in 8/10/12 weeks time then you should know that these are the people that are 100% on it! They have understood the importance, the commitment, the consistency and the accuracy in the effort that is needed.

And they have applied all of those factors into their transformation and not let anything falter or stand in their way.

Are you always sceptical of the results you are seeing and wondering why you haven’t achieved the same?. Does this strike a chord with you? Does it make you wonder wether you are being 100% or not?.

If you have to think about it then chances are likely that you aren’t being 100% or have never given yourself fully to your programme.

Imagine what you could achieve if you did! Not for 4 weeks and then treat yourself…but for the time it takes to complete the process. You’d be surprised.

During our 8 week transformation before Christmas we NEVER faltered. We never missed a workout, we took classes on top of our own training and our exhausted bodies. We never ate anything that wasn’t on our food list (I ate the same 4/5 meals each day and still do now going into a new process with different amounts allocated).

We didn’t even sniff anything we weren’t told to eat. We weighed EVERY single thing we put into our mouth, we were hungry as hell towards the end but never gave in. We never once missed a check in with our coaches and we didn’t ‘copy & paste” answers to save time.

This was because we knew that to get the results we wanted then this was what it would take. We VALUED our progress the most. What we both achieved was beyond anything we could have imagined in 8 weeks time.

‘It’s your job you might say, it’s easier for you!’.

And yes you are right…it is our job, but the sacrifice for us is of no difference to any other human being. Take a look at our client’s progress…they aren’t transformation coaches and they are throwing out these efforts during a national lockdown. If you want it most, you will ALWAYS be 100% ‘on it’.


Top tip…

Write down your top 5 goals in life. If your physique falls into any of those 5 (and believe me it should because honestly, you should care about the way you look…it says a lot about you) then ask yourself what you are doing to do about it….

When are you gonna get 100% on it?

It’s better late than never.

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Best wishes,