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How many of you can say that you started out at the start of lockdown with a clear goal/target in mind and are still on track to hit it right now?

If you aren’t one of those people, this is for you and you should keep on reading.

From my experience of speaking with clients and our fitness community throughout the course of lockdown the thing that most people have struggled with to stay on track is motivation.

11 weeks of being out of a usual routine is bound to have an impact on what you do/want to do everyday.

Most people have managed to find the motivation to start…but haven’t managed to continue progressing due to motivation being up and down.

And that is ok.

What’s not ok is repeating the same cycle over and over again….because where is it going to get you?

The answer would be: Nowhere!

So what can we do about this?

You can hold your self ACCOUNTABLE.

Personal accountability requires mindfulness, acceptance, honesty and courage.

It also requires you to see the process through. And seeing the process through requires all of the above, maybe not all at the same time, but certainly all at some point.

You need COURAGE to make the start, you need to ACCEPT that it won’t be easy or plain sailing everyday of the week. You have to be HONEST with yourself throughout the process. And you have to be MINDFUL in understanding that you can only progress further if you really put into practice everything that is required.

Making a commitment for however many weeks requires a clear understanding of what is required to achieve your goals. When you are at week one it seems like any end goal is a lifetime away but you have to ask yourself ‘Why have I made this commitment?!’. Achieving your goals requires commitment over a prolonged period of time and accountability on your behalf is essential. It’s then you will find the motivation.

At the start of lockdown I set myself goals, a mixture of exercise and nutrition, made sure they were realistic and adaptable to the situation we are now in. I gave myself rest days and gave myself cheat meals. Nothing was set in stone as to WHEN I had to achieve all of these goals as long as by the time the end of the week came around…I had completed them all throughout that week.

I have done hiit workouts most days, I’ve done banded workouts, I’ve used tiny baby weights to train my biceps, I’ve even learnt to run. Let me tell you, there was once a time that even if I saw John Travolta, my favourite man on the planet (after Kev of course), I wouldn’t have ran after him. I DESPISE running. But I held myself accountable to my self and knew that if I didn’t get it done…it was only on me. And now I actually really enjoy running.

Now…have I been 100%? No of course I haven’t. I’m human. There are days I’ve not wanted to train at all and I’ve tried to talk myself out of it. But I’ve told myself that I would be being lazy and I at least need to do ‘something’.

There are days I’ve told myself I’ll do a hiit workout but I’ve just done a walk instead.
There are days I’ve eaten chocolate for a meal instead of an actual meal.
There are days when I’ve just wanted to sit and do absolutely nothing.

But I haven’t given up on the days that I don’t feel motivated. I’ve just adjusted, because I don’t like letting myself down. And if truth be told, neither do you.

It’s looking likely that there may be some form of gym environment to use soon enough. Why wait around for that though? We have the means to set and progress towards goals before that happens. Pick up where we left off if you like. Make up for the going around in circles during lockdown.

If you haven’t managed to progress over the last 11 weeks then the time is NOW! There is no time like the present.

It’s doesn’t have to be unrealistic or have you reaching for the stars but it should be something that you want enough and will be willing to put the effort in for.

So make a HEAD START.

Set new goals.

Be HONEST with yourself when you set them.

Have the COURAGE to see them through.

ACCEPT that you won’t want to put them into practice everyday but be MINDFUL of the trap that you fall into if you don’t.

Keep telling yourself that there will only be a positive outcome to all of this…

That when gyms reopen…you are already half way there ☺️.


It’s not only what we do, but what we don’t do that we are accountable for.

Happy Sunday guys ❤️

Go get it 💪🏼

Kelly ☺️

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